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Changed time zones yesterday, I am three hours ahead of myself.  

We are in my nation’s capital, Ottawa.  It is a beautiful city, full of history, and museums.  We usually visit one or two museums when traveling.  Today, is the Museum of Man.  I have to ride a bike to it.  Have you noticed more cities are becoming bike friendly?  Vancouver is trying, but, it is no Munich or Amsterdam.

Back to the museums, we want to go to the Smithsonian in Washington.   So many places to see, museums to visit, and sights to see.  We need time to slow just a bit to fit it all in.   It is moving too fast except when on a plane, on which I can never sleep, even on 3 hours sleep the night before, because I did not want to forget anything. 

We are attending a wedding tomorrow in the Cathedral of Notre Dame, then off for a grand reception outside the city.  I had a dress made, lovely black chiffon-y, floaty, twirly kind of dress for dancing, and a beautiful black and white polka dot jacket, so perfect, so me, and then, I just happened to visit a new fave store Wednesday afternoon.  There it was tempting me with it’s chiffon-y, floaty, swirly, twirly skirt, calling to me, “buy me, you know I am perfect, I will fit you so damn well, you will die and think you are on your way to nirvana.”  So, I bought it.   It is fabulous and it goes with the SHOES.   Do I hear the hallelujah chorus?  Yes, I do.   Do I dare wear both?  One to the church.  One to the dinner and the dancing. Yes, I will.  Please God, can you give the Big Guy dancing feet tomorrow night?  Maybe throw in a little dip or two?  Oh Right!  This is the Big Guy we are talking about.  Dancing is in there, way down deep, okay, so we are not Fred and Ginger, but, a little twirl or two around the dance floor would be good, a little slow dancing, he is good at slow dancing.  Sigh, too bad, I could write the perfect dancing scene.


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  1. Have fun twirling and dancing! Floaty skirts are the very best.

  2. put some pictures on here of your new outfit…sexy momma!

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