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Book in a dream

My first night back home after quick trip to Ottawa, tired, and three hours back to normal.  I dreamt a huge two-part dream in the wee hours.  It was so long and involved.  I am sure it was a book or at least a short story.  At 4:30 I woke up thinking, What a great dream. I want to go back there.   Back to sleep, for part two, and not the end.  Maybe, I will get back there tonight.  Has anyone seen Inception?  I liked the concept of the story.  There are a few scenes which look like The Matrix, perhaps, better.  The winter scenes remind me of James Bond.  Maybe, that was my reality and this is my dream.  Nah.    May you stay safe, loved, and dream sweet dreams.

Post  Script:   Mama is doing fine.  Just a little hitch in the thinking, again.  Damn, two steps forward and one step back.


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  1. I’m glad your mom is doing well.

    I have tried to dream about a story, or book idea, but all my dreams are weird and random. Good luck with yours!

    • BFBetty ~ I found an envelope on which I had written a “book in a dream” while looking for something important. I think it was about 15 or 20 years ago. Now, I am thinking, what was I eating before I went to sleep. Oh, boy. Yes, Mama is doing okay, but, she is having trouble getting the words out, lack of conversation, I think.

      Hey Pam ~ I am glad I am home too and in my own bed. I think I wrecked my right hip again. Hate, Hate, Hate aging. Hardest thing ever!
      And where the he** did that hair come from???

  2. lilacacres said:

    Glad you are home safe and sound.

    Hugs to you, tty soon


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