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Princess & the Cowboy

The Princess and the Cowboy were married on the 31st of July.  She is a Princess, he is the Philosopher, who calls himself a cowboy.   Perhaps, a better description would be the Philosopher who wants to be  a Cowboy.   Philosopher or cowboy, he is the Prince in this story.   It was a fairy tale wedding.  This post is for you, Lizzie.

It was a fairy tale wedding.  Everything was perfect, well, there was wax spilled on the front of the wedding dress at the end of the ceremony.  We never saw anything amiss.

Heather and Ryan were married in the Notre Dame Basilica in Ottawa.   The wedding dress was a elegant ballgown with train and crystal embellishment on the bodice and the back.

 The three sisters, (including my gorgeous daughter-in-law) and friends, were  beautiful in one-shoulder black satin, mermaid style gowns, with little black veiled hats.  They all carried red roses.  Very, very dramatic.   The groomsmen in black tuxedos. 

A man always looks more debonair and handsome in a tux.  Don’t you agree?  What can I say, James Bond, Cary Grant, Clive Owen, or my Big Guy can melt a woman’s heart just wearing one.

For the reception, Heather changed into another dress.  Creamy satin, strapless with a black belt.  The belt had rhinestones in the centre of the two black flowers.  The back was Edwardian, sort of. I am not sure how to describe it and do justice to the very elegant dress.     Anything on young and beautiful is gorgeous. 

Geoff asked me when the whole fairy tale wedding thing starts with little girls.  The answer – pretty young, maybe 3 years old.  Case in point – during the bouquet toss, a daddy held up his little 4 or 5 year old daughter and caught  the flowers for her.  She was a little princess, dressed in a long party dress, hair done up with a flower, and the perfect little sandals.  Her daddy was her daddy prince.  The bouquet was clutched in her hand for the rest of the evening, including every dance.  Oh, the single women were not impressed.  They wanted that bouquet!

Unfortunately, I took the Big Guy’s camera.   Sadly, many of the photos did not focus due to some malfunction.  I will get you the flicker site. 

I wore two dresses, too.  I loved my second dress for the party and the dancing.  Deep purple cut velvet with rhinestones.  Yes, there was dancing and the Big Guy did trip the “light fantastic” holding me close. 

I love my B&W polka dot jacket with the chiffon dress.  Quite elegant.  You know, I like black and white and apparently polka dots.  My closet has a few  polka dot dresses.  Who knew!

The trip home was uneventful.  I missed my spiritual daughter’s big 30th surprize birthday party.  She says she was spoiled.  Everyone should be spoiled on a birthday.  Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

Stay loved and safe.


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  1. Lovely! And men absolutely look gorgeous in tuxedos. And military uniforms. :)

  2. How is it that I have not looked at your blog for a month????
    Thankyou for this post….loved the pictures…BEAUTIFUL wedding!!
    I love beautiful weddings
    I missed you at my party but your home delivery of my special present was so nice :) Whenever I wear my bracelet I think of you and how special you are in my life!
    Sophie’s pouting at me…must go

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