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That certain stance…

You know the stance, that certain stance a boy or man gets when standing beside a car, on a highway, in the middle of no where.   My question to the man who was not a child; “there is a public bathroom half a block away.  How old are you?”  His passenger had a stony straight ahead look as I drove past.   When you see a little man doing this beside a car, with a dad or mom shielding the little butt, it is okay.  But, a grown man, at 11 in the morning,  by a busy exit to the tunnel and a car dealership to the right.   Just saying, “come on.”   What you may see by the side of the road, in the morning heat of a big city, on the coastland. 

My mother’s critical gene just surfaced.  Oh, the angst of it all.  It is official. I am becoming my mother.   And, Geri – don’t laugh, I hear you laughing.

I’m trying new contacts and  I still have to use reading glasses.  It is so much easier just to put on a pair of glasses.   One of the many pleasures which comes with age.  Aging is not for wimps.  Stay safe.


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  1. Wouldn’t you just love to drive past and honk the horn and watch him jump? :)

  2. Drove to school last night to work on my classroom. I went by the high rise and there was some dude peeing on the lawn. Right by the road. Ewwwwww.

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