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The continuing saga…

Food and drink, necessities of life.  Well, shelter, clothes, shoes, some cash, and companionship are necessary too.  Someone to talk to, laugh with, and touch. 

Mom has a new next door neighbour.  A man who can be violent.  Gee, thanks very much administration, one more thing to worry about, one more thing to monitor, and one more thing which could be distressful to mom, should he wheel into her room.  My last visit, I noticed the room was clean and empty of all life.  The count is 4.  Four elderly people have passed away since mom moved to the private room on the second floor.  His name is Peter.  He wants to shake my hand every time I pass by.  He seems to understand felicitations.  I remember him as being pretty benign before he moved next door to mom.  Now, I am told he can be violent.  Just great.   Not the kind of touch or companionship I want near mom. 

As for the food and drink…not bad today, a roast beef lunch.  I come prepared with real food.  Lunch usually is a larger meal than dinner, which is fine, they pop them off into bed between 6 and 7 pm, rather like a babe, fed, diapered and put to bed.  Sad and very true. 

I have had issues with the administration, the dietitian, the care staff, and the doctor on staff, of whom I rarely see on the floor.  What does he do?  I’ve had major issues with the food.  I would not feed half of the stuff to my dog and he would eat anything.   Poor old Blackie, he ate anything in the dish, on the floor, or in the garbage if he could get to it.

When you read or hear “Chef’s Special” you perk right up don’t you.  Ah, something really good to eat. Something tasty.  A little pleasure. 

This dear ones, is the Chef’s Special:

1 each pepper, 1 each salt, 1 each sugar, 1 each choc chip cookie, 1 each Chef’s Special, 1 x beef & veg soup, 1 each 2% milk, 1 each milker, 1 each cranberry juice, 1 x coffee.  Are you ready for this?

The Chef’s Special:  1 scoop of cottage cheese, 1 scoop of fruit cocktail including half a cherry, 3 squares of green jello, and 1/2 slice of buttered brown bread.  There you have it…a dietitian’s idea of the chef’s special.  Right, a gourmet dinner for your dining pleasure before you get tucked into bed.

I am going to need a lot of money, the longevity gene is alive and well, on both sides of the bloodline. 

Stay cool, safe and loved.


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………………Oh Carol.

    We all are going to need a lot of money. Best get cracking on that…..I am so sorry that things just keep going along as they are in that place.

    A violent neighbor, NOT needed. Can’t he be contained in his room or something ? Gak.

    Hugs to you and your mom, hi to Herb


  2. Well, he cannot be contained in his room as that would violate his rights. I am assuming he is on some type of meds, most of the residents are on meds to reduce anxiety, etc. Now if he decides to go to the left instead of the right, he is in mom’s room. Mom, being blind on the right would not see him. She would not see him until he gets in front of her. The left eye has the light/dark, colour, shape shadows. She may hear him.

    If I am quiet when entering the room, she will call out asking who is there. SO…mom has paranoid thoughts of someone trying to kill her…as we know…so, my imagination is running a riot over all the scenerios. There you have it. Another meeting with the administration.

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