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Wonderful afternoon…

I did not want children.  I thought the world was an awful place and getting worse.  I did not want to bring an innocent wee one into this old world.  The Big Guy was surprized, but said it would be okay if we did not have kiddies.

Of course, it just took an unguarded moment to change all that.  Thank goodness.   Here is my wonderful afternoon with my eldest son, Stephen

“Steve, did you like the root beer?”  I said.   “Yeah, it’s good isn’t it, where did you get it?” he said. 

“The vegetable market over by the tunnel, a company in New York is selling it.”  I said.  “They have a birch beer, do you want to try it?” 

And, we did.  The verdict-good.  “It is not very sweet,” he said, “this would make a good cocktail!” 

“Steve, you just love cocktails, making cocktails, inventing new cocktails, and sharing cocktails, don’t you,” I said. 

A huge smile.  “I do, Mom, I do,”  said my son, the one I almost didn’t have.  

And so, we spent a wonderful afternoon, just talking, laughing, and filleting a salmon, inbetween waiting for the paint to dry. 

 Ah, it was the best.  My son, handsome, funny,  gifted, and usually running late.  It took him three tries to leave as he kept forgetting something important.  The best thing, “I love you, Mom” as he ran out the door to meet his buddies, for a salmon BBQ and to brew some beer.  And the Big Guy, he got to taste the salmon and have his moments with our son, before the buddies came.

Parenthood is not for wimps.  If I was starting all over, I would say:  no kids.  And who knows, I would probably have another unguarded moment and do it…again! 

Stay safe, stay cool, and love your children.

Cheers from the very hot and humid coastland.     Another day, maybe, a little dialogue with my youngest son.  He is handsome, funny, gifted, and on time.


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  1. My son is the best gift life ever gave me. Sometimes, I just look at him and think, wow – what a great kid. It makes my day all the time. Parenthood is not for the weak, but it sure is awesome.

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