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I am making notes.  All kinds of notes.  Notes on calendars.  Notes on post-its.  Notes on back of envelopes.  Notes for the sons.  Notes to “do not forget or you will die,” well, maybe not die, but, serious retribution might happen.  Not the Apocalypse.  Close.  Serious stuff. 

For the really important must do, I am now writing a big note, taping it to the cabinet door beside the phone in the kitchen.  I have done everything on that list except for the payroll.  Well, one check, done.

I started to  write on the thumb pad of my left hand for the really, really important things.  Crazy, isn’t?  It works.  Now…my hand is too small.


Find everything I put in a very safe place.  Remember where the safe place is!!!

Find the zoom lens.  It was expensive.  Think, damn it.

Clean up the office.   Mail the books to Jen.  Track the package, again.  Finish the very important paperwork.  NOW.

Download the mp3 book to the iPod.  Find the iPod for dummies book.  If all else fails, phone up my pretend-son and ask for help, again.  Tell him, he is my favourite son, even though he really isn’t my son.  I love him anyway.  He knows it.

Call the Doc for a copy of the report.  I don’t believe her and she made me wait 45 minutes in the waiting room.  It’s minor and I’m not taking meds.  Okay, I’ll think about it.

Call the brother.  It is his turn.  It is the long-weekend.  He is up should anything happen to mom.  Tell him he needs to visit.   Mom is very discouraged.

Buy another book on iPods.  I will find the original book because I just spend money buying another book.

Do not drink this weekend.  Huge calories.  I know.  I want to.   It will give me a headache.  A big headache.  It will not be pretty if I do.  Suck it up and carry on.

Eat small portions.  I just lost 7 lbs.  Do not put it back on.  Okay, I put on a couple.  Read the next note.

Do not keep chocolate in the house.  I have no willpower.

Do not buy dip and corn chips.  I have no willpower today.

Get on that thread-mill.  It is not  sculpture.

Remember to write everyday.  Okay, every second day.  NO – everyday!

AND, above all else…

Remember to look at the audio books for the word UNABRIDGED. I do not want any abridged works.   Unabridged.  Burn that word into my brain.  And if, I get excited because I see an audio book I  like, double-check, again.  What was I thinking yesterday?  I don’t know. I got excited.

What is the word I must burn in my memory?   UNABRIDGED!!

Okay, make a big note…


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  1. Just reading your list wore me out. :)

    Bless you for tracking the package. Email me your iPod problem, maybe I can help.

    Add this to your list: RELAX some this weekend. At least a little.

    Abridged audio books should be obliterated.

  2. It was a momentary lapse in presence of mind…instead of “wait a minute, why is this under $10.00” instead of, “wow, look at this, Agnes and the Hitman, we can listen to this in the car, together.”

    I want the FULL MEAL DEAL when I buy an audio book, not the diet version. Bad, Bad, Bad publishers. I want the scene in the pub, on the plane, the gangsters in the bar, the hitwoman, the con man and his wife, the scene with the mother… why, why, why?

    NOTE: All the scenes I want, different books, not one book, several books on audio which were abridged. What is with abridged books??

    Oh well, off to write my own scenes.

  3. Stormy (a.k.a. Bacon Sex Betty) said:

    *whew* What a list! I agree with BFB….wore me out just reading it! But here’s a tip. If you find yourself with dip and corn chips, call me. I’ll take them off your hands, lickety split!


    (Note: I *adore* audio books. I should share with you the ones I have ;) )

  4. Stormy ~ how rude of me, not to answer your comment! I am doing a clean up around the blog today. I was away that weekend in Kelowna, not my own computer. We could share audio books and I have a US address. Best thing ever when US companies do not ship to Canada.

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