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My cousin Geri and husband, Ken adopted an Airedale from Calgary last year, rescued her from neglect.  Gracie is a beauty and a little skittish around strangers.  She will bark upon meeting you for the first time, not sure of who you are or if you will be a threat.  And don’t wear sunglasses.  She likes to see your eyes. 

Mac is a sweetie.  An absolute sweetie.  Mac loves the Big Guy.  Mac, aka Sir Wiggle Butt, thought he was a lap dog with H.  Even the “Mac, down” would not deter him from scratches behind the ears, the muzzle, and the rump.

Gracie, The Princess or Gracie Girl  is a lovey.  She has such gentle eyes and will melt your heart.  Gracie was away at obedience training last year.  She has learned to be a lady, well, most of the time.   She does have another name, a less flattering one.  She is female and will bark, just because. 

I’m thinking about getting another doggie.  Blackie, poor little malti/poodle cross has been gone for seven years now.  Last year, we had rescued my sister’s cat, Jan.  She now has a great home with a retired couple who LOVE her.  Allergies to cats, the hairballs (what the heck is that mess!), cat hair everywhere, not good when  one wears a lot of black, and the litter box dust, not my favourites.   Although, a purring cat curled up on the lap is a good thing.  Very soothing.

So… a dog, again.  Hmm.  I may have to rethink this.  Picking up the poop, cleaning up the throw-up, the bad dog breath, the unconditional love, the head on the lap, the loving looks of adoration…. Wonder what the Big Guy thinks about another dog?  Then, again, we can not just lock the door and go away for a weekend.  It would be nice to have a dog again.


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  1. Sounds like you’re getting a dog. :)
    I love our dog – we rescued him from a bad home situation – and while he still hates strangers, he is loving and fiercely protective of all of us. He lives in the sunroom only (and outdoors, but sleeps in the sunroom) so there is no hair or mess in any room that has carpet. It works well.

    I miss having a cat, especially the part where they curl up in your lap and purr while you read, but my son is allergic.

  2. Good luck with your decision! I love my doggie, but, you’re right, there’s poop and barf and not being able to take off whenever you want. ;) The unconditional love and doggie heads in your lap, though? Priceless.

  3. Hi Carol,

    Gracies other name sounds like a pretty frustrated Ken. She does bark a fair bit at the people and dogs in the walkway that runs beside our yard but, no more than Robbie and Katie did. My other names for Gracie are Princess Grace and Gracie Girl.

    It was a great visit Carol. I loved our Carol and Geri day best.


    • Oh, I love our Carol and Geri days too. The Big Guy says we sound like “Chip & Dale” when we are working in the kitchen, actually anything we are doing. Too funny.

      “After you.”
      “No, I insist after you.”

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