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Living in the city, one encounters the small varieties of wildlife everyday, larger animals, not so much.  The squirrel is the smaller variety.  Little black or the bigger grey squirrels, kind of cute, nice bushy tail, little beady eyes, and for the most part, they live in a tree.  Right?

He’s back or she is back and brought their little pals along too.  I don’t want them  in my garden shed.  I know, I don’t use it very often in the winter, well, maybe once or twice to get the snow shovel out.  The snow shovel is now the home for the squirrels.  Great, just great.

There are at least two of the squirrelly buggers.  Bold as brass and aggressive.  They are not moving out.  No, siree… They scurry around from the shelf to the shovel and back again.  They do not take off for the trees. It’s the squirrel stand-off.  Great, just great.  I know I said that already.  Not impressed with the wildlife.  I’m bigger.  I can narrow my eyes to little mean dots too.  I can telephone the wildlife removal company who will humanely removed them.  Thank you very much.  How much did you say that would cost?  Worth every penny, because, I am a chicken.  I am not taking on two or three squirrels.  I’m not going to have them going for my throat.  Today, I am in need of a big burly man.

settling in for the winter...

Check out the size of the branches!  There is a little space between the cedar panels, see the dark bit by the shears.  Big branches.  Very industrious.  I am impressed.  BUT… they will be evicted shortly. The Big Guy gets all soft-hearted, “let them stay for the winter.”   Yeah. Right.  This winter will probably have a record snowfall and I will need my snow shovel.  Guess who is not sweeping out the squirrel bathroom facility, (the floor), upon the eviction of said squirrels. 

Stay safe, stay warm where ever you live, the squirrels are, for now.


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  1. Hee, hee, down here in the southern US we have squirrels everywhere – I mean there are at least a hundred out in my yard right now. Sometimes several dozen of them will get into people’s attics and run around like maniacs. Folks around here go after them with BB guns, but I have never been able to bring myself to shoot one. Good thing they’ve never gotten in my attic. Good luck getting them out of the shed!

    • I have a BB gun and I am still a chicken. The humane wildlife guy who is not big and burly, will take care of them for me. I think it all started with my brother-in-law. He and my sister looked after mom while we were away. He fed the things every day. Duh! I am a mean, mean chicken who will not feed the squirrels. I yell and swear and throw small rocks.

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