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a new bauble…

So…in response to yesterday’s rant, which I wrote on Friday night, let it marinate a bit, and, then, hit the publish button.  You know…you just know Guilt is going rear up, stand up, front and center, hands on hips, and say, “I told you so!”   Isn’t that always the way things go.  One gets all twisted and angry, spews all over the world, then, sits back in righteous pride, gloats, looks wonderful, then, BAM, deflated like balloon and feels very small for ranting. 

I have a new bauble, a lovely sterling silver ring.  See, fits like a glove. 

shiny new ring

It’s shiny. It’s pretty.  It’s me.  Bold, but, not an in your face kind of bold.  This is a gift for being such a great nurse-maid to my healing, post-op relative.   Did she just pay it forward?  Yeah, I guess she did. 

Now, I feel like such a sh** for ranting.  Oh well, life goes on, pack up the guilt and carry on.  Look, shiny, new silver ring. 

Now, get back to work.   Enjoy your day. Stay safe. Stay loved.


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  1. Stormy (a.k.a. Bacon Sex Betty) said:

    Wow! A new necklace AND a ring :) You rock! Seriously, though. Don’t let the gift send you into guilt-land. You’ve worked hard and given of yourself. You deserve it!

    • I knew I was probably going to get the necklace, unless something else shiny caught my eye…the ring was a surprise. Good birthday celebration. My kiddies cooked for me and much laughter around the table. I am blessed. Thanks, Stormy. If we lived closer, I would take you out for tea and cookies or something just for you.

  2. It’s gorgeous and you deserve it. Do not feel guilty for ranting, without the ability to let off steam we would all explode.

  3. Well, can’t have me exploding all over the place. That would be messy! Glad you liked the website. Everything she designs is so pretty. My ring is one of her designs. It really is a lovely ring. It is a joy to read about all the little nuances you are going to put into the book.

  4. Just enjoy the prettiness!

  5. I was just reading through all your recent posts…
    I like the ring but I like your hands better….your hands have always been my favorite…

    • Thanks, Sweetie. YOU are ONE of my favourites. I’m looking forward to next weekend away, with you and Jamie and Tiffany and all the rest of the old ladies. Big Smooches for your cheeks.

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