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Too close for comfort

There are words which need no explanation.  Upon hearing these words, the meaning is very clear.  The term “bought the farm” means a person died.  A near death experience would be “nearly bought the farm.”    The Big Guy said some words yesterday, rarely used in daily conversation, unless you are a pirate.  I have not heard these words often, other than the pirate movies, the words are ” Davy Jones’ locker.”   I have a little tale to tell.

The Big Guy had a “fly job” on Saturday afternoon.  He rarely goes on the overnight jobs.  The son goes for the experience and he is younger.  The son was away surfing this weekend.  Dad said, “Go, have fun.”  I’m thinking a day to myself.  It’s all good.

So, I picked up the Big Guy on Sunday at 5:00pm.  At 5:10, I heard the phrase “Davy Jones’ Locker.”  This  was our conversation ~

He said, “Well, I nearly saw Davy Jones’ Locker yesterday.”

“What,” I said, looking at him in shock. “You what, you saw what.”

“I  saw his locker at the bottom of the ocean.  It was a close one,” he said, trying to make light of the story.

“What happened!” I said, desperately thinking about legends and death at sea.

“Well, we were in the  boat, on the other side of the barge.  The crane operator couldn’t see us, one hook came down on the boat,” he said, very calmly.   “I  saw Davy’s locker.”

“So, was there anything in it.” I asked, knowing he was trying to make a joke about the whole thing.

“Yes, a mermaid, she was beckoning me to come to her, waving to me,” he said with a big smile.

“Was she beautiful?” I asked, making a joke about it too.

“Yes, she had long wavy hair and her lips were blue, she looked warm, and inviting me to come to her.”

“Right, her lips were blue and she was warm,” I said, not convinced the colour blue and warm go together.

“Yeah, I just wagged my finger at her,” he said, “I told her, not today.”

“You are damn right,  not today,” I said, “no wonder I’m praying for guardian angels to protect you.”

On the way home from the airport, we discussed safety issues and what was to be said and done about it.

Today, I am feeling a little upset and hugging the Big Guy, a lot.  We still have a lot of living to do.   Damn right!!

On this our Thanksgiving Day, of which, we did not eat our thanksgiving dinner, we will next Sunday, I am thankful  for life and more of it.

I am thankful for our home, food, and clothing.  I am thankful for our jobs.  I am thankful we are all healthy.  I am thankful mom is safe and looked after.  I am thankful my family is safe and warm.  I am thankful my sons have good marriages.  I am thankful they are happy.  I am thankful for friends.  I am thankful for angels watching over us.  I am thankful there was no death by accident on the ocean, on Saturday afternoon.  Thank you, God.

Stay warm, safe, and loved on this our Thanksgiving Day.


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  1. I am thankful for you. So glad to hear that he is OK.

    • I am thankful for you, too.

      It was so close. He said it wasn’t scary. Yeah, right. What they were doing was out of the ordinary, very rare. He said that it was because it was not part of the routine and that is when accidents happen. I said, “Don’t do that again, EVER.”

  2. Wow, scary. Dan hugged me several times today, maybe because he was worried about my choking while he wasn’t home. See? Could happen any moment. Hug your Big Guy for us.

    • You are so right, it can or could happen at any moment, which is exactly why we need to live happy each day. Glad you got hugs too, although jr mints do give you minty fresh breathe.

      I dread the day when it happens.

  3. Stormy (a.k.a. Bacon Sex Betty) said:

    It always amazes me how getting that close to “the farm” (a phrase I’ve never heard) seems to remind us all that it’s the simple things in life we should appreciate. It quickly brings to the forefront gratitude and thankfulness of the *truly* important aspects of our lives. Possessions, electronics, schedules – they all are just glittery adornments that keep us from viewing the simpleness of love, the everyday miracles of health and life.

    I’m glad he’s okay. And thanks for making me smile.

    • Yes, Stormy, you must live happy in the day. It is not always possible for any of us, as we can get blind-sided by life. Thankfully, we can go through storms with friends by our sides. I have some great ones. Glad you smiled today.

      The Big Guy has a fairly sunny outlook on life. As my friend Pam can attest to, he says the funniest things. Very dry humour. Very corny humour. It was pretty disconcerting for him, he knows it could have been the end.

      Maybe it is a Canadian term – kicked the bucket, bought the farm, and a few others, which I can not remember right now. Brain fart, I think, as opposed to brain fract.

      • Stormy (a.k.a. Bacon Sex Betty) said:

        I’ve heard “kicked the bucket”. No worries – I love finding something new to learn every day.

      • lilacacres said:

        Indeed he does have a great sense of humor – right up there with my dad….hilarious to me :) Seemed normal you know ! Loved the time I spent with you both there……I heard another one too along the lines of that final episode for a person “gone to take his dirt nap” Ha ! We live until we die, and we better enjoy it all, every second of it. I know I do !

  4. lilacacres said:

    Ack ! Carol, tell Herb no more of THAT stuff ! How scary, not to be repeated!

    Hugs to you both, see you soon


  5. That must have been so scary! Happy thanksgiving!

    • Thanks, Lora. He says it wasn’t, but, me thinks it was, once they realized it could have been a very different story. Guys have to be the strong silent type, ya know.

  6. The first time I heard “dirt nap” I laughed. A lot.
    But not entirely Canadian, “bought the farm” is something I’ve heard all my life around here (but we are close to Canada, so maybe NW thing).

    • I have never heard about the “dirt nap” before. There is another expression I have heard most of my life and for the life of me, I cannot remember it. Age, sneaky old thing has locked up the information and thrown the key away. I will remember it one day, who knows when…….

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