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Words to live by…

Yesterday, I was looking through my card box for an appropriate card.  I found one with a photo by Alfred Stieglitz.  It is a photo of a street sweeper.  I don’t know why I bought it as it is very grey, perhaps, it was for the words inside, to encourage someone in need.

From this hour I ordain myself loos’d of limits and imaginary lines. ~ Walt Whitman

Ever tried to loose yourself of limits and imaginary lines? 

I like this sentence.  It speaks of freedom from all the self inflicted constraints and responsiblities one can live under.    I had a little “aha” moment just reading it.   The possiblities are endless if one is able to achieve the freedom from the imaginary lines and limits.  

Yesterday, we attended a memorial for a childhood friend’s father.  He was 91.  His motto was “never be a quitter.”  Wilf had lost his left hand in a mill accident when he was twenty-one.  It never stopped him.  He was a pilot, inventor, author, mentor, lumberman, philisopher, naturist, businessman, humanitarian, musician, and father.   “He learned to do things in different and inventive ways, everything from tying his shoes to playing music to peeling an orange with one hand.”  I saw him peel an orange many times. He lost his eye sight in his eighties.  He fought off an attacker with his white cane.  He perservered.  He carried on.  He did not let physical limitations or imaginary lines stop him.

My first plane ride was in a four seater, prop engine Cessena with my friend, Lynn and her dad, Wilfred Joseph Leboe.  Last week he took his last flight home, surrounded by his three daugthers and grand-daughter.  Lynn told me his breathing changed and he sat forward, extending his left arm, and appeared to be reaching out.  Wilf had a tremendous faith in God and told the girls he saw the pearly gates a week before he passed.  He asked Beckie to cut his hair.   He said he wanted to look his best.  Lynn said, she would not have missed their last days together.  I believe it is an honour to care for and love someone to the very last breath.  It is a hard thing to do, knowing it is the end. 

In honour of Wilf  and Walt Whitman, new words to live by ~  I will loose myself of limits and the imaginary lines.  I am not a quitter.

Stay safe.  Stay warm.  Stay very much loved.


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  1. I love that line. And what an honor for you to have known such a man. He will be missed, but they sure will be happy to have him where he’s going. He’s earned it.

  2. That was lovely, Carol.

  3. “I will loose myself of limits and the imaginary lines. I am not a quitter.” That is just glorious. Beautiful post from a lovely lady.

  4. lilacacres said:

    Hi Carol,
    I finally blogged :) About time!
    I so much feel those words you wrote above……..the self inflicted constraints and responsibilities………I felt good when we were on our writing retreat. I appreciated it so much.
    Your friend, about not being a quitter. That is what I have always felt, in this way of wording – “if you don’t try you can’t lose. but if you don’t try, you will never succeed”. Only we can do what is needed for each of us to succeed. We are working on it and we will get it done !
    Hugs from 19 degree last night Janesville, CA

    • About time is right. I know you have many responsibilities too. Just teasing you.

      You are correct, we will never succeed if we do not try. Now, we have to do it. 19 degrees last night! THAT’S COLD. Sending you warm thoughts. Love you and see you in March.

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