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Good times and food, what more could you want.  Friday evening, I had a wonderful time with my fellow  creative writing classmates and our fabulous instructor, Stephanie.  Richard, Tamsin, Dell, Hilary, and a new writer, Michele and I, had a delicious  meal, prepared by the lovely Judith, Richard’s wife.  Dell and Hilary’s husbands joined us.  Sadly, the Big Guy had to work, again.  Story of my married life. 

Richard had been reading Feathers, a short story by Raymond Carver.  It was the impetus for our dinner.  We each shared a literary offering  after dessert. 

Hilary wrote a poem about pinot gris,” Baccus and I.”   You could taste the wine.   Michele wrote a short memoir about a little friend, so funny.  Tamsin wrote as only Tamsin can, a poem, from her leather bound journal, part of  her kitchen series.  We had Tamsin read it twice as there is so much depth to her work.  Stephanie read from her book of poems.  Fabulous.  It was about poets finding something in everything to write about.  Dell, our tap dancing retired teacher, a feather boa wrapped around her neck, read her poem in honour of the evening, very witty.    Richard wrote a short story about three sisters, an earthquake and a computer.  There is always a twist.  And me, well, I read my two little offerings in the “Choose Your Weapon” mini scene from the Cherry Forums.   I believe the comment was; “It is always the quiet ones.”   

What?  You don’t think I am quiet?  Hah! I can be.

I’ve registered for the winter session next February.  How could I not with such great writer friends as these.  Dell had a poem published in the Ontario Society of Poets 2010 book.  Her copy arrived on Friday, just in time, to share the exciting news with us.  

I am still smiling, it was so much fun.

Stay warm, loved and safe on this blustery night.


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  1. Bona Fide Betty said:

    I want to come live in your world for a while – it sounds lovely. I’m so glad you are pursuing your writing.

  2. What a great event. Nourishing on so many levels.

  3. BFB & Julie ~ it was such a great evening and yes, nourished our souls too. You can come live with me anytime, some days are better than others. Friday was a really lovely day and night.

  4. Stormy (a.k.a. Bacon Sex Betty) said:

    Comments here and no requests?
    *I* want to read your “two little offerings”….I love learning about people through how they write.


    p.s. Add me to the list of “people coming to visit”

    • You can read my two little offerings on the Cherry Forums or I just may put them out here. The more the merrier, Stormy.

  5. Stormy ~ I have not forgotten your question. I will share, promise. The Cherry Forums is the forum site for Jennifer Crusie. It is all about reading and writing and, I suppose a book club as well. http://www.cherryforums.com

    Busy with work, you know, we have to eat, pay the bills and buy gas.

    Stay warm and loved, Stormy.

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