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Wonderful weekend…

Everyone needs a break.  A get-away from stress.  A get-away from life.  A cocoon of rest and lovely people and, oh, a few tears.   A get-away to re-connect with old friends and my not-of-my-body daughters.  

Friday afternoon my old friends, who are very dear to me, Vicki, Jill (Jilly Bean), my spiritual daughters Jamie and Lizzie, met at the ferry terminal and traveled to Victoria.   ( The capital of our beautiful province.)  On the ferry we met up with Adrienne, Tiffany, Willow, Daniella, Diana and Tasha.   Tasha doesn’t know it yet, she will be another not-of-my-body daughters.  Laughter ensued.  Lots of laughter.

The purpose, a conference on Saturday,  for WMI.  A day of love, laughter, worship, and mentoring.  My dear friend and mentor, Carol and Lorna are the leaders. Well, I am too, just, not right now.  I am taking a sabbatical.  Who knows when or how it will play out.  I suppose only God does.  I think I might resign or not.  Still seeking the answer as to where I fit or do I have a new direction  to go in or … I digress.   Back to the laughter.

We laughed, ate lots of food, laughed some more, ate lots of chocolate, and laughed some more.  Best of all, I have re-connected with Vicki.  We have been friends since 1987.  We call it, the God Connection.  You see, there is a cord on golden bands around our wrists.  A curly tether which stretches where-ever we are around the world and back to each other.   If I close my eyes, I can see it.  Think Wonder Woman wrist bands with a curly cord, like the key cords between our wrists.  Perhaps, you have someone like that in your life.  Do you?

Another connection, again, the God Connection is the beauty in having spiritual daughters; it is speaking into their lives, watching them blossom, and come into their own destiny and wisdom.  This is what was waiting in my email box yesterday morning:


so fun being with you on the island and I am SOO thankful for you in my life!
I feel so blessed to have you walking beside me and loving me  to be able to walk into what God has for me….
So felt that today and feeling so blessed!
Love Lizzie

I am feeling blessed too.  Lizzie is Jilly’s daughter.  So…wonderful girlie friends, chocolate, Chicken Marsala and good beds.  Yes, I cried a lot Saturday morning.  Yes, I laughed a lot.  Yes, I ate a lot.  The scale was not happy.  Who cares, I had fun.  Now… back to the daily grind  and eating sensibly.  Don’t you just wish we could magically twitch our nose and never gain an ounce!

Today was all about Mom.  I will update tomorrow with photos as there were visitors.  Mom does not remember anyone visiting, a few crumbs were left behind, rather like little mice leaving evidence but never seen.

Stay loved.  Stay warm in this cold snap.  Stay safe.


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  1. Sounds lovely. You deserve happy days like this and I hope you have many more.

  2. Don’t moments like this just recharge your battery?! We ARE blessed, and when we share joy this way, it only makes it better. Thanks for letting us have some of this beauty too.

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