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Update to the endless roll of hours upon hours in a wheelchair, stuck in long-term care waiting for visitors.  Apparently there were visitors.  A lovely bouquet graced the window ledge for a few days, gone now.  Cards will be opened later.  Conversations not remembered.  So life goes on, the violent outbursts of the neighbour have ended for now.  The poor man is drugged into calm and sleep.  I did find him in mom’s room while she was at music appreciation.  He was quick to tell me he had not done anything.  Sad isn’t. 

Life carries on much to mom’s dismay.  Mom tells me there is no God because He has not let her die.   What is a daughter to do?  Reason does not cut it.  She is in a fix and there is no way out.  Much sighing and silent tears ensued.  

I have finished the Sarah, Plain and Tall series without reading the end with Grandfather dying.  I never know what will trigger a bit of upset.  Mother’s only interaction is me, the intermittent family visits, and care workers. 

In the end life becomes all about the meals and bedtime.   I don’t ever want to be in a long-term facility and you don’t either. 

I bought a chicken pot pie and salad for lunch on Monday.  It was delicious and we played a couple of  games called “Name the Food” and “Is there more?” 

So, in the spirit of sharing:  their lunch, our lunch, the “STOP” sign and Mom trying to smile.  Which lunch would you rather eat? 

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 Woo, whooo, I made a slide show!   Mom thought she was looking at me. 
Stay warm, stay safe and very much loved.

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  1. You are a real life angel. You know that don’t you? The hard lessons are the ones we are supposed to learn more from. I am betting all I’ve got on the fact that we WILL learn this shit. Then… we can rest.
    The slide show was so well done. Yay you! (For more than just the slide show.) :)

  2. I commented, but it doesn’t show up. Did you see it?

    • Julie ~ yes, I found you. Some how (???) you ended up in spam, you quickly were removed to the real world of approved commenters! It think it is the google chrome thing. My comments on Jenny and Lucy’s went the same way. The web escapes me some days.

      Thank you for your comments. I think you have learned more than you are letting on. Give your self pats on the back. You are amazing in many, many ways.

      My poor mama, I hate the fact she has lost most of her eyesight. She was so creative.

      Have a great day today and enjoy your kiddies on the weekend, after the black shopping day, I feel for you as I avoid malls unless it is early and not crowded!

  3. Carol, you are an amazing daughter and a wonderful person. I wish I could help you and your mom.

  4. Thanks, Kelly. I’m looking for something else “mild” to read. I am going to look for someone to read to mom on the days I can not be there. Poor Mama, she couldn’t figure out the tomato and cranberries in the salad. Everything was so flavourful. An ice cream scoop of mashed potatoes, creamed corn, chicken and a scoop of gravy = blahhh.

  5. Carol you are an angel. I wish I was closer, I would love to read to your mom. But I would have to warn you, I would smuggle fast food and chocolate stuff in for her. That food has to go, and I can just smell the “long care smell on it” It is so hard to see the elderly being a lone.

    If you can find a reader can you tape yourself reading to her? Would a nurse help her with a tape player?

    • Thanks, Christine. Mom has a very sweet tooth. There is a stash of Cadbury Burnt Almond Dark Chocolate and Turkish Delight in the dresser. Dessert is always – 2 turkish delights and 2 chocolate squares.

      The care workers are “supposed” to turn on the radio to Classic music in the morning and cds in the afternoon. Not always done. She did play the tape recorder by herself, now, no. I have thought about recording stories. The problem is sometimes I get a little teary at story lines. Very empathetic.

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