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‘ staches for movember

November or as we say – Mo-vember.  A month for men to grow a ‘stache for prostate cancer research.

I stumbed upon three guys last night…Big Guy & The Sons. 

‘staches for cancer research

The Big Guy is wearing “The Detective” ‘stache or “I am a serious guy, don’t mess with me.”  The sons are wearing their own.  I have more photos, unfortunately, an unknown guy stuck his face in our good guys group photos.  He is being “photo-shopped” out.  Enjoy your Sunday. 

Stay warm, safe, and loved.


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  1. In Minnesota they held a ‘mo-vember event after a wild game if you had a mustache you got to go down on the ice. They had over 1000 guys and broke a world record. And earn a lot of money that went to the cancer fund. (don’t remember how much sorry)

  2. Those are some FINE looking guys!!! Oh, and the ‘staches are cool too. ;)

  3. Thanks, they ARE fine looking guys. I love them. Mr. NOT Serious, just looks that way, Mr. Selleck, too, and the Professor-Detective.

    I will share the good guys group photo later. Their team has raised a few dollars. The Big Guy is not on the team, hence, the fake ‘stache. Fake staches are good for a laugh or two, but not too much laughing, he is sensitive, you know.

  4. They look like 70’s porn stars

    • Oh, my gosh I laughed for 5 minutes, your brother a porn star. His response will be – “Funny Guy, let’s see you with a ‘stache.”

      Wait, I have more fake staches. I’ll send you some, then take a photo and you can be one too!

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