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Stories for Stormy

Storytelling.   It is weaving words into a tale of great adventures or a scary ghost story around the fire pit or a fairy tale of happy ever after to a rapt audience.   Truly the best time of the day is tucked under the duvet with cold feet on the husband, reading a good book lit by a tiny book light.  

Didn’t read or write for many years, well, life interrupted.  Now, I’m reading and writing a lot, ever since a trip to Alaska with a friend.  My poor friend was confined to bed in our cabin with  recurring health issues while I read everything in sight.

Something sparked deep inside and the voice said, “Do you want to be on your deathbed, regretting the death of dreams?”    NO.

So I bought a piano and started taking creative writing classes, Discovery and Revision classes.  Playing in the writing sandbox lead me to many wonderful writers, (too long to name everyone), and storytellers and bloggers and The Betties Community of wonderful, funny, amazing women and a few good men.

From the Coastland, my journal of sorts, I blogged about my UBC creative writing classmates.  Stormy wanted to read them.

For Stormy~ my entry in the Choose Your Weapon* writing contest

*  The premise was to choose an item which is not often thought of as a weapon, pick a gender, and write a 150 to 200 word mini scene in which the protagonist defends against or  knocks off the antagonist.  A post card story is 500 words. This was tough to get everything in 200 words or less.  It was an excellent way to choose words carefully.


Meg stood over the toilet, swirled the brush around the bowl and watched the blue water foam as she contemplated her next move.  Kayley sat outside the door, back pressed against the wall, arms wrapped around her legs, her head on her knees.

“You’ve got me cleaning the bathroom when we could be on the road,” Meg said.  “We have got to get out of here now, Kayley.”

“It has to be clean.  It has to smell clean when he gets home.”  Kayley said.

“It’s a mausoleum in here.  How can you stand all this white marble?  Colour, you need colour in your life again.   Almost done, now let’s go.”  Meg flushed the toilet.

“No…” Kayley screamed as her husband lunged down the hallway.

“You are not going anywhere.  Get out of my house.  You keep forgetting what I know.”  Doug yelled.  Meg whirled around, brush dripping water and bleach over the marble floor.

“Yes, we are!” Meg raised the brush like a baseball bat and smacked hard against Doug’s head.  He slid on the floor and fell hard against the counter.  Meg shoved the bristles into his mouth.

“Run.”  Meg slipped as she scrambled around Doug.

So…there you have it, Stormy, my little foray into the world of choosing a weapon.  It was a great exercise.  There are flaws in the writing and it was…so much fun.

Stay warm, safe, and loved.


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  1. Stormy (a.k.a. Bacon Sex Betty) said:

    Sorry, RL got in the way of an immediate response.

    But…whoa! In such short bits, the words burst forth, created characters, and ran through so much back story and promise of future. You did great! And thank you for sharing!!!!

    • Thanks, Stormy. The rules forced ruthless word cuts. You, too could do it. Many in the community wrote one or two. The winner’s name was pulled from a hat. She got an ARC of Jenny’s book, Maybe This Time.

      It is a great exercise to play in the writing sandbox.

  2. Stormy (a.k.a. Bacon Sex Betty) said:

    Oh! The writing sandbox! I think you should rejuvenate that idea for us. Perhaps we could add some tinsel to the sand :)

  3. Carol, this was so fun! I remember the story from when you posted it in the contest and I was so impressed with your imagination. That contest was what got us emailing each other so I am so thankful we both entered.

    And I love knowing that you are pursuing both the piano and the writing. How are they coming? Are you new to the piano or have you played before?

    • I took piano years ago. It was and is time to get back to playing for myself. No I am not writing at the moment, finally read the critques. Gentle both of you. I re-read your story, too. Loved it! You are very talented. I am glad we connected.

  4. Great, and yes, I remember the forum. Which reminds me, I should go dig mine out too.

    • Yes, go dig yours out too. It is a very talented group of women who have connected through Jenny and Lucy. I am glad.

  5. Oh, I remember the one with the toilet brush! That was you? Love it. I think I smacked mine with a rocking horse or something. Definitely not as creative.

    • I will have to read all the stories again. I loved the contest. A rocking horse. Now, that’s an unusual weapon! I think you took Lani’s Revision class last fall, correct? I was in the class too, and sadly did not finish my wip. I am still working on it. I am very impressed with you finishing NaNoWriMo.

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