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Love builds strength

I think I read “love comes in many forms”  or something like that.  My strength tank was empty yesterday.  Good friends, love, and a sushi picnic in my car with my spiritual daughters, Lizzie and Jamie, filled me up. 

Tuesday nights, I lead a faith-based 12 step freedom session group.  My not-of-my-body daughters come too.  By 10 o-clock last night, we were eating sushi and laughing like little girls on a picnic.  All the love from friends dear, near, and far helped after my little crash on Monday.  Big smooches and appreciation. 

Today’s visit was much the same.  I am a “false” Carol.  The real Carol doesn’t wear glasses.  Okay, then, carrying on.

The Big Guy likes the ‘false’ Carol, especially when he found me cooking dinner tonight.  He is hoping she sticks around and makes gravy.  Such a funny guy.  He gets the man’s trifecta: gravy and bacon and sex.  Avert your eyes kiddies. 

Update 16th December ~ What I meant to say, must have  been a Freudian slip, men in general love gravy, bacon and sex where as women prefer the chocolate, bacon, and sex.  So now, you all are thinking I got lucky.  Well, maybe I did and maybe I didn’t, cause I never tell.   Note to self: Read the blog before you hit publish, girl!

Stay warm, safe, and loved.  May the sun come out on the coastland.


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  1. Yay for a love recharge! The kid kind, and the uh…. adult kind too. :)

  2. Stormy (a.k.a. Bacon Sex Betty) said:

    Heck. I’d be happy for the gravy. Or the bacon. I’m not holding out for trifecta. Ignore me. I’m drowning in holiday bogness. But yay for you! I just had to say.

  3. Oh brother, I posted a little update, cause I never tell. There was an “oh, no, what did I say” moment after I read your comment Julie.

    It was a long day, yesterday, and an even longer one today. I feel like I have been in a Psyche ward instead of visiting my mother. The noise was unbelievable after lunch, even with the door closed. The sound of crying and shouting for two hours was very wearing on a body. I don’t know how the staff can stand it. No wonder Mom is tilting in her mind. I am knackered.

  4. Oh honey, I am so sorry to hear that you are having such a tough time. I am sending you a virtual picnic, with champagne and a funny movie, and lots of hugs.

    • Thanks, Sweetie. You have surfaced from the classes, papers due, papers to mark, and, well, just life. Rest before the next semester.

  5. I have to take it for granted that you, as well as me and my Beloved, have at some point, been intimate… as we have these adult kids and all. LOL, no worries, we smiled because we know you are truly loved at home (and elsewhere).
    Now, on to today’s end of the spectrum. If you feel as though the staff are competent, and Mom is being cared for, then allow those (not paid well enough, but) obviously gracious souls to deal with things when you are away. Your situation is so overwhelmingly difficult and complicated, take the tiny bit of good that you can from it now.
    Get those recharges where and when you are able.

  6. So wonderful that you got to recharge. Picnics, gravy, and possible-unpublishable-sex? Sounds like a winning day.

    Oh, and am I not allowed to like the gravy? Cause I do. (And the chocolate, bacon, sex stuff, too.) ;)

  7. Delia & Storny ~ gravy is always good and bacon and all the other good stuff too. Comfort Food.

    Kelly ~ a picnic, thanks.

    Lora ~ hugs back to you.

    Julie ~ you crack me up. The workers are pretty good, but…I would appreciate if they checked on her more. I do not get there every day, today was too busy with work. No visit. Tomorrow is bath day. I will curl her hair and bring a chocolate brownie for dessert.

  8. I think we should make our sushi picnic an ongoing event! I didn’t know you were sad :(

    • Yes, I think so too, it was fun. I’m all kinds of emotions now, most often resignation and how long will she have to endure more indignity.

      I’ll get the next sushi picnic after the clean-up. Love their sushi.

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