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Keeping calm, carrying on…

 Brits are resilient people.   I love the “Keep Calm and Carry On” quote, coined to encourage the nation.  My father was first generation Canadian, born of very English parents, therefore, I ‘ve got the DNA to stare down anything.  Mix this strength with the French and Scots side from Mama and I can’t miss, can I.  Good, carrying on, setting my face like flint…

The staff handed me the photo from the Christmas Tea.  I sent it off to the cousins in response to an email of birthday wishes for Aunt Helen, my mama.  Brian said mom looked a little like Granddad.  I can see the resemblance.  The expression on mom’s face is very much like her dad.  Mom said, she hoped she didn’t look like her dad now.   I re-assured her it was more of an expression than looking like him.  It made her laugh. 

She is very quiet, not a good visit with my brother, he is a false son too.  My sister and niece are the real deal.  Today, I was the real Carol. Thank you!   A very bittersweet visit.  I fed her, curled her hair, brushed her teeth, and cried while I rubbed lotion on her face and hands.  I can cry and be strong at the same time, after all, I am woman, made with resilient stuff. 

I’ve started looking through photos getting things in order for mom.  I found some photos with my sisters (mom’s first marriage), mom and me at Glen and Betty’s wedding.   Wow, where did the time go?  And, where are they now?  Lorraine has gone home, Lorna is carrying on and looking after her husband, Mom is in the nursing home and me… I’m still here, ready for the next step.  The younger and only blonde sister did not come to the wedding, which was too bad, because we all look fabulous.  We are women. We carry on and keep calm….most of the time. 

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We are all holding hands. I love that.   Boy, would I love to have that hair and body back, too!  Oh, well, keeping calm, carrying on.

Stay warm, safe, and loved.


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  1. Beautiful. Just beautiful.
    I come from a variety of extremely animated, emotional, and festive people. So the calm thing is new to us. But it IS great level to reach for.

    • Thanks, Julie. We are calm, most of the time, and then, there are the other times… much like you and yours, the animated, emotional, festive, and add a drama queen or two, it can be loud. Very, Very, Loud. We fool the people most of the time. Ha.

  2. lilacacres said:

    Lovely photos and memories…….I think of you all every day, you are held in my heart and always close by :) Thank you for sharing the photos.

    Hugs to you from far away :)


    • Thanks Pam, I think of you and yours every day too. I added a photo of my sister and niece visiting mom on mother’s day five years ago. It was the start of it all. Mom always has a good visit with them. They are never false people, always the real deal. Take care. Don’t slip in the snow.

  3. Stormy (a.k.a. Bacon Sex Betty) said:

    Love the slide show. And good for you getting things together now, while you still have a narrator.

    The hair and body? They are still a part of what makes you *you*. Just because they don’t show up in a photo shoot doesn’t mean they’re not there.

    And good for you for having *calm* in your genes. Me? I’ve got drama. It was a birthmark. :)

    • Stormy ~ A birthmark. Funny Lady. That’s okay. Drama. Calm. It’s me alright. How I got here is the story. I just did not realize way back then, how really fabulous I was. I am fab with experience now.

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