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It’s all good…

What a difference a week of new meds can do for the mind.  The past month has been a roller coaster ride with mom as the disease, the dementia had over-taken her mind.  Now…all is well.  She knows who I am.  Hallelujah…I am the real Carol.  I am not her mother or the false daughter.  I am the real deal.  Well, the Big Guy likes the false Carol, hmmm, does that mean…

It is just his way to break up the stress surrounding mother’s health issues, especially the Christmas Day visit with her stocking filled with goodies; much yelling and shouting from a frustrated, angry mother, all directed at me.  So, I left after 20 minutes.

By 4PM our kiddies, as in adult sons and daughter-in-laws had arrived, the cocktails had been mixed and we commenced the festivities.  First the stocking.  It is the best as Santa finds the most wonderful, funny, and practical pressies; like coffee cards, toothpaste, makeup remover pads, shaving blades for the hairy guys, a night at the movie coupon, a muddler for cocktails, a whisk or two, nightie-nightie eye shades for travelling on the plane, little mirrors, lipstick or lip balm holders, gum and more little wonders.  We have a $25.00 limit for gifts.  Of course, Santa has a bigger budget for one bigger gift or two.  It was the perfect Christmas day.  No over-indulging.  No over-eating.  No excess drinking.  Really and truly we did have a wonderful afternoon and evening. 

The scotch and bourbon tasting was fun.  Some comments were: “this one has to go away” “odd tasting, like newspapers” “happy medium”  “smokefest” “a little spicy” “long finish”  and the winners were Ileach, Arran, Ardberg  Airigh Nam Beist this year.  The bourbons were Buffalo Trace and Jefferson’s.  What do I know…I don’t drink the stuff.  Although the Arran and the Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or smelled good and had a nice finish. 

Our “Charlie Brown” tree has a stick tied to the trunk, holding it straight.  It was a little thin on the left, a little crooked at the top, and a  little sparse in the middle.  Four strings of mini lights, red/gold ribbon, red and gold sparkly decorations can make any  tree beautiful.  The best quiet time is laying on the sofa, in the dark, with only the tree lights on, being thankful for another year with family and friends.  Gifts are nice too.  My favourites are from my guy and my children and my god-daughter.  I am a very blessed, a very happy, and very thankful woman.  How ever you celebrate the season, stay safe, warm, loved and good wishes to you. 

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  1. lilacacres said:

    Dear Carol,

    I am so glad you are the real Carol again for mom. OMG how hard this is on you! Thank heavens for different meds to get mom back…

    Love the photos, lovely tree:) I have been thinking of you so much, I will talk with you soon.

    Pam in Janesville, where it is just darn cold, but dry thank heavens !!!

    • Hey Pam, I am real again. Wonderful visit, she was very cognitive and asked very specific questions to our conversation. I have been thinking of you alot too. It is cold and dry here, no rain, thank heavens too. Do you still want to come for March weekend? I will call you. Love to you and everyone.

  2. “…odd tasting, like newspapers.” LOL! How fun. So glad things are looking up and you are your self again to Mama. Yay for modern medicine (which I normally turn my nose up at, but this time I am ALL in favor). Had some ups and down here, but smoothing out nicely now. Whew!
    Great slide show too!

    • So glad I am my real self to mom again. Not a big fan of meds either, but, in this case, it brought her back to us. Just got back from the visit, she is still with it. Glad things are smoothing out nicely too. The angst of it all. Glad you like my little slide show, now that I know how to do it. The next thing is uploading a YouTube video. I have a few faves. Cheers to the New Year.

  3. Gorgeous tree! And I’m so glad you liked the little gifts!

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