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New Day…New Year

It is a gorgeous, crisp, sun shining day of the new year on the coastland. 2010, it was a year.  I am hoping 2011 will be a great year, even better, without any injuries.  I found many wonderful, talented women.  I started a YA novel.  The critiques of the first chapter were encouraging.   I have an idea for another book, not a YA.   So the rub, an emerging writer should stick to one genre.  Okay, then….

Stick to one genre or keep writing stories and the genre will come to me?  I think I will just keep writing.  The only resolution I will write down and stick to is: write, write, write.

I usually do not write down resolutions because I never keep them.  I always start off determined, face like flint, and endeavouring to change the things I hate.  Then…life gets in the way.

Last week I had a flash of inspiration for the playing in the blog sandbox.   The current Gravatar is getting boring.  So…last month, talking  to Julie about calendars and all the door photos I have from around the world; I have decided to change my Gravatar to a door photo each month.   A door to match the season or the month or just because.  To begin,  my new Gravatar is a door photo taken by Julie’s daughter,  Hanna.

  ~ January 2011

It is a door on the Woodland Park United Methodist Church in Seattle, WA, somewhere in the Greenwood/Phinney neighbourhoods. 

A century old congregation.  Deep roots.  Blue white with strong architectural details.  A little worn on the bottom edge.  Seen a lot of life.  Just like me.

Warning:  If you do not like sentiment, move to the end.

Here are my thoughts for friends and family in the form of a prayer song from the BeBe Winans’ A Christmas Prayer CD, 2003 Hidden Beach Recordings, LLC;  fits my thoughts, my hopes, my prayer. 

I pray for peace, blessings and honor     Heaven right earth’s despair…For those that grieve God will bring comfort

Laughter will rapture there….  I pray for you that you triumph and conquer and possess the strength you need to bare

… For those in need there would be plenty and each other’s burdens share

So let hope fill our hearts, shine the light through the dark, all around the world and everywhere…

See,  I pray that love will rule and reign and I pray time will rid the pain of this world as we learn to trust and care.

I am a pessimist or in a very negative space today.   I do not see how this old world will ever change.  There is goodness.  There are good people, but…there is such blackness in human hearts which cause so much pain, especially to the vulnerable and little children.   One more thing ~ can we please have cures for cancers that harm and steal our babies, our children, our friends, our families. 

Stay safe.  Stay warm.  Stay loved and healthy.

Cheers for a new year, full of hope and dreams coming to pass.


(My vehicle was rear-ended on Wednesday.  I have headaches.  I’m going to lay down now.)


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  1. Ack! Are you okay??? I was going to be so gracious and try to say all help-y and thankful things, but now I am going to worry.
    I noticed the door immediately! What a wonderful idea. You are most welcome my new friend.
    Now, make sure you are well too!

    • Don’t worry, just like the door on the 100 year old church, I am strong, just tired. I think Mom, year end to do, not getting to do things I want to do, with the rear-end accident was the last straw. I have not slept well for the past few weeks. The accident was just the driver behind not paying attention, I was stopped because I COULD NOT SEE if there was traffic coming beside the bus and thus causing a side impact accident. So…I am sleeping a lot. Sleep is a good thing and two melatonin for a couple of nights. Will be all good by tomorrow. Just a big pain to my schedule now that I have to find a repair shop, etc.

      Thanks to Hanna for the door photo. It is the perfect door to start off the year.

  2. The door pictures are great.

    Are you OK?!? How are you feeling now?

    • I am feeling fine, just a bit ticked off about the car and the time involved to get it repaired. I needed the sleep. No headache today. All good. Tomorrow is another holiday so, no work, can sleep in. Ah, more sleep.

  3. lilacacres said:

    Good heavens. Poor car and oh you just needed something ELSE to do right ? Gak. Glad you are feeling better. Today off to town taking mom to p/t. Then shop and come home. It is something balmy like 14 degrees now. Might warm up to 32 degrees today! Whoohoo!

    Hugs to you, tty soon XOXO


    • Burrr… it is sunny again today, around freezing. Yes, I needed another thing on my plate. Took all tree down today, that is always sad, because it looked so pretty. Back in full on mode tomorrow. Take care, will try to talk to you later this week. Cheers.

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