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1st week, a two-step dance

One week done.  Fifty-one to go.   Will this year be full of adventure or the constant two-step dance?  Sounds a bit depressing doesn’t it.   I read once or did I hear it;  there is a term “it’s all in the presentation” so I need to have a new phrase to goose me along.  I’m going to keep the up-coming vacation front and center while I do the mundane, that should help as we are back to, “You are not my child.”    O-kay!  Got it, go every day for mama to remember me.  This new phase in her mental state is anger.  It is a two-step dance with no dip in sight. 

Had some great meals out this week.  Savouring good food with family is like a little dip and a twirl in the dance.  Lovely Greek dinner with Geoff and Nicole on Friday night.   Off to Germany for schnitzel last night with our “not-of-our-bodies” children.  We always have a good laugh and wonder how lucky we are to have these people in our lives.   Our first-born had a birthday this weekend.  Love our boy.  I am very blessed.

First born, handsome son.

Stay safe, warm and very much-loved.


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  1. You are a wonderful daughter and a lovely woman, you know. Hope the next 51 weeks are better.

  2. So sorry about your mom. It’s not a fun phase. I’m glad you have such wonderful people (including your handsome son) to help you through.

  3. Can I just repeat what Kelly and Delia said? ‘Cause that’s perfectly well put.
    Also, in my NW Betty meet-up yesterday I used you and I as the perfect example of “the same yet different.”
    Yep, aim farther afield, you can get there. We know you can.

  4. Kellly, Delia, Julie:
    Thanks, I so appreciate the good wishes. Lots of people have walked this road. I hope I do it with grace, after all that is what one of my names means. I am a very sturdy woman. I have broad shoulders able to carry many burdens. I just get tired at times, as it seems as I am the only one carrying the load. Keeping calm and carrying on.

    Julie – we are the same yet different. We do not let the stuff stop us from seeing one another’s heart.

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