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It’s just life…

All over the blogs and comments, it is just life. One day it’s a glass half-empty kind of day. The next, it’s a glass half-full.   It is just life.  And…my attitude. 

I’ve come to terms with my mother’s dementia and that she may never say I am her child, ever, again.  So…attitude shift.  I’m not going to go around all hound dog, droopy eyed, and sad little mouth.   I’ll try to say it without getting all “clichéd” or “Little Miss Mary Sunshine” on you. 

 My new attitude is grace.  I like that word. 

 Grace ~ a pleasing quality, favour, a sense of what is right, an attractive quality, feature, or manner, also a divine gift or virtue. 

Yep, that’s me, because it has been a bit of a downhill spiral into negativity.  I’m good at cheering others on, not so much for myself.  So…walking around the park, in the sunshine, (hallelujah), the vitamin D  kicked in, giving me a jolt of “snap out of it” and “you gonna wallow or get on with it.” I’m getting on with it.   

Sometimes you just have to talk to yourself and make your mind up to go forward, even tired.  It is hard.  Hard.  I had to find something to jump-start me out of this funk.  I found my binder of words spoken over/to me and started re-reading them in order.  The words “lovely and fragrant, warm, kind, loving, strong, sure, REAL, pleasing and loyal” were spoken to me.  Spoken. Out. Loud.  Spoken words have power, don’t you agree? 

Thankfully, these are strong words.  Full of life words.  I needed to see the words and speak the words out loud again. 

I found this too:

Carol ~  an eagle, able to soar high above the ground and rest on the top of turbulent winds.  Her eyes are keen and sharp-sighted and able to see well into the distance.  An eagle is a creature whose eyes always look forward and not sideways or behind.  It is also a symbol of strength and maturity.  Carol has a gift of foresight and is able to ride upon the storms of life. 1989

Do you have powerful, life-affirming words you speak over yourself?  


I’m going back to posting a wee sunset photo. 

A beautiful sunset from August 2009. 

Stay safe, warm and loved.


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  1. You are so cool.

    Seriously cool.

    As far as affirmations, I do the standard “You are exactly where you are supposed to be”. I started that one as a kid because of my worrywort-ness. It stuck with me.

    • Thank you, Lora. YOU are amazing. I wish I had you as my teacher in grade 2. I think you will be THE teacher your students will always remember, especially the little girl who cried and you taught with her on her lap. I used to teach a sunday school class with Sierra on my knee for months of Sundays. Your students will love you and think of you as the BEST teacher ever.

      I’m not kidding. You are amaziing.

  2. I have several affirmations I repeat over and over, but I also lapse back in to some of my Catholic childhood prayers too.
    Here’s what MY mother reminded me of today: she had been out in the yard, right after my sister died, and my father had fallen (breaking his head, which we all thought was impossible because we were sure it was made of granite). She was walking around, yelling at God, complaining that she really could NOT take anything else. She stopped for a second, thinking she had heard something, and then she really did hear something, words. Spoken clearly and out loud…. “it’s not always about YOU Diane!” She felt so much better. Then went out and helped a senior citizen neighbor of hers who had no children, no husband, and no family of any kind.
    We get our messages from every direction. And we truly are only given as much as we can handle. You are taking care of it all with so much grace that we are inspired to do as well.

    • Julie ~ fixed it. Yes, we do get answers to our questions, sometimes audible, sometimes not.

      Good for your mama for helping the senior citizen with no family. There are so many seniors with no-one left in the world. There is something which helps us when we help others. Yeah, it sure isn’t all about us, we just like to think so some days.

      Children are not suppose to die before the parents. 3 half-sisters gone and 1 half-brother, too. So…I am good with planning funerals and burials. I had one sister’s ashes in my closet for over a year. I kept forgetting the ashes were in there. “Oh, there you are. I really need to bury you with your dad, sorry, Lorraine.” She is happy were she is.

  3. Oh no, typo. Can you fix it? Thanks. ;)

  4. Stormy (a.k.a. Bacon Sex Betty) said:

    Like I’ve told you before, you’re an inspiration to me. Everyone has their proverbial “cross” to bear in life, and supposedly God doesn’t give anyone more than they can handle. I revel in your ability to constantly refill your glass, and watch for your posts to see if there’s something of yours I can put into practice in my life.

    I’ve tried personal affirmations – but end up not believing myself worthy of them. However, I think I’ll try a new one:

    “You gonna wallow or get on with it?”

    • Supposedly He doesn’t give us more than we can handle. I guess, it is all “in the handling” of the stuff. I know where I get my strength. I just do not always go there first. Duh!

      Personal affirmations – every once in a while, I come across them and think to myself. YES, this is me.

      YOU are worthy of your affirming words. You are a talented and loving woman, worthy to be cherished. May joy and contentment come to you.

  5. I don’t really do affirmations, I’m more of a count-your-blessings kind of person. And then I yell at myself. As in, “You have X, Y, and Z, quit your complaining about not having A or B. Who are you, Job?” Which is weird, because I would never talk to another person like that, but it always works for me.

    Either way, I’m glad you found some strength and grace. You deserve it.

    • We all talk to ourselves from our inner core. Usually I do not do affirmations, but, when I came across them the other day, it was just a reminder of how God sees me. The words were spoken to me as affirmations to a board over 20 years ago. Just reminds me that I am not Job too. Poor Job. I was just a little tired. Good, now, though.

  6. lilacacres said:

    I agree Carol (and l love the eagle/Carol description you put above:)) It is just life.

    I could look at things like this. Since….1990, our family has seen the passing of so many- Aunts and Uncles. My dad. My husband. My grandmother and great Aunt…..but on the flip side, I have my son. My health continues to improve. My mom doing well now. Good friends, and my relationship with my sister grows. I still have my home after the close call with the flue fire. The future to look forward to.

    We are strong. We will get through it all, together.

    Love to you!


    • Yes, Pam. We are strong. I look to you for inspiration as well. I am so glad the fire stayed in the flue. Stay warm and healthy. We have STUFF to do.

  7. I don’t like to think of the glass as half-empty or half-full. I prefer to think that the glass is twice as big as necessary, I mean honestly why don’t they just make the glass the right size to begin with?

    But seriously, when I get so tired that getting on with life seems too much effort, I stop looking at the big picture and just focus on the next step. That’s all I have to do right at this precise moment in time. I don’t have to get everything done at once. Just this next step.

    • Hi Merry ~ that is an interesting way to look at it, the glass being twice as big. It would be great to have the perfect always full glass.

      You are so right, one step at a time, focus on that next step, until life gets better.

  8. Must be the time for self-affirmation. Doing it a lot these days of such stress.

    • Lyn – it is this part of life which is so demanding. You are in our thoughts & prayers, however this plays out for Eric. Much love to you all.

      H, C, & family

  9. Bona Fide Betty said:

    Graceful is one of the words that always comes to mind when I think about you. Generous and gentle are the others. Hope life is getting better, and that your mom is doing better.

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