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Travelling, not really

I’m travelling in her mind.  Apparently I am in Holland and having a wonderful time.  It would be great except for the fact I have never been to Holland.  And, I’m chained to the desk under a mountain of paperwork and the treadmill. I have to get into this…

Dress up

Well, this dress and a few others.  I’m going on a vacation.  I’m very excited.  My dress is a lit-tle bit tight.

Funny how the dress is the ” go-to” in the wardrobe now.  I love wearing pants or trousers or jeans after all I am a child of the 60s & 70s.   Long hair, jeans and a T-shirt.  The standard uniform.  Dress up was a  long halter neck, black knit dress and gold earrings. 

 Ah, that was then when I was younger, thinner, and looking good.  Now I have to work hard, really hard to get there.   So….I must be disciplined and get back into this dress.  30 to 35 minutes everyday on the level 3 incline.  Tomorrow, I’m upping the time to 45 minutes and running for 15.   I think I can.  I know I can.  I’ll let you know…..  

I will be travelling soon, just not to Holland.  When I do go away, I wonder where I will be in her mind.  I am the real deal, the real daughter, her child once again.  Tomorrow may be another story.  I wonder who and where I will be?  I hope I am having a good time.

Stay warm and safe in this winter of winters. 


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  1. Stormy (a.k.a. Bacon Sex Betty) said:

    Oh, what a GORGEOUS dress! As far as dresses are concerned (and I don’t wear them hardly EVER), that’s absolutely something I could see myself wearing. When I was thin, Carole Little was my designer of choice. Her clothes were of the hippy/peasant-y genre.

    As for mom…you know I truly admire your ability to stay on the positive side of all that. AND your exercising as well! I know I need to get back on the treadmill…or even walk. I can’t even use the cold as an excuse, because it’s not that cold here.

    I hope you find a break this weekend from the mountains of paperwork and from your exhausting travels in Holland (smiles), and are able to indulge in yourself a little.

    • I LOVE Carole Little clothing. My friend Adrienne and I bought lots of her designs. I don’t see the label any more and besides I work at home. It would be a bit over-dressed for my office. Loved her colour choices and the mix of prints. Lovely. I did find a Carole Little sweater coat at Winners 3 or 4 years ago, Love it. Wear it. Get lots of compliments. The best was the price.

      Yes, I am having a lovely time in Holland in mama’s mind. One day I may actually get there.

      Love my dress it is a few years old and how cares, I LOVE it. I wear it well. As for the break, my MIL is arriving on Saturday night. See my happy face!

  2. I always want to wear dresses, then I look in the mirror.. ACK! And I rip it off.
    Uh yeah, everything thing is a lit-tle bit snug on me right now too. I am not a fan.
    Good job on the treadmill. Run? Go you!!!
    On the plus side, if you have to go somewhere in Mama’s mind, Holland does sound festive. ;)

    • Hey, I’m travelling the world in my Mama’s mind. Who knows where I will be next. It could be “Where in the world is Carol, in her Mama’s mind?” Apparently I am having a very good time. Wish I was there.

      Not a fan of the “little” bit tight. I was doing so well, then, bam, the black and weighty cloud of responsiblity enveloped. Oh well, better get it off before the next big “0” birthday. Funny, wearing a dress is usually not what I grab first, but, this dress, I loved the colours and pattern, had to buy it, on SALE, of course. Things must be on sale and if possible, the additional discount to the sale price. Now that’s a bargain.

  3. The dress is gorgeous. I don’t wear them, myself, because I look a bit like a turnip, but I do like the pretty.

    If you have to travel in your mama’s mind, Holland is not a bad way to go. I hope you have fun on your real travels, too. Anywhere you can wear that dress sounds wonderful to me.

    • I do love the dress. I bet you just need the perfect dress and viola, pretty and not a turnip. The dress was purchased for a wedding and I looked good. Now, just reverse time….to thinner.

      Yesterday I was NOT her daughter, not sure where the real me is. I will have to ask the care workers. Maybe it is some place exotic and warm.

  4. You are a good daughter, and at least she is imagining you traveling all over the globe, having a wonderful time. The dress is gorgeous, and so are you – you are lovely just exactly as you are now.

    • Thanks BFB. Where ever I am in her mind, I am on holidays, having fun. Yesterday was a very good visit, today, not so bad, we had a laugh. I told her, “I know you are in there Mom.” I got a big smile and a laugh. So, good.

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