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Blog-anniversary & a puppy

I’ve been blogging for two years now.  I chose February 14, 2009, Valentine’s day, an easy date to remember.  The purpose was…well, it doesn’t matter now, things change.  The best part of blogging are all the wonderful and talented people I’ve discovered.  Some I may never meet, some I’ve met, and some are dear friends. 

This little blog, my journal of mother’s journey with a few sundry items thrown in, is a pain and a joy.  I have to come up with stuff to write about.  Looking back, some posts are my favourites, other are a “meh” and some have been deleted with a “what was I thinking?”  I’m not one of those witty writers, no, much more serious, which probably doesn’t draw many in, but, it’s mine, a little dot in the blog universe. 

I’ve not made many entries lately, mom is not eating or drinking.  I am not her daughter, most of the time.  She likes me and lets me care for her, holding her hand, all the stuff I do, but, she insists I am not her daughter.  Mom said, “thank you for coming, now you can go find your real mother.”  Okay, then, I’ll get right on that.  It is hard some days. 

Two bright and shiny new babies arrived last week.  Addison Janessa, my new great-niece was born on Thursday.  She is beautiful.  Dale and Bev are very happy.  Addison is their long awaited baby.  We are celebrating.   On Friday, a new puppy came to live with Steve and Aleha.  Marlowe, an Australian herding dog who will grow up to be no more than 44 pounds or so, I am told.  They are very happy.  I will meet him on Thursday.  Everyone needs a puppy once in their lives.


Meet Marlowe.  Soon to be chewing their shoes or anything else he takes a fancy to.  Now that you have had your “ah” moment…
Happy Valentine’s Day to friends near and far.   Stay safe and warm.

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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Carol. And Happy Blogoversary as well. :) We like you, serious or not.

  2. lilacacres said:

    Yay Carol! The blog has an anniversary eh? How bright of you to pick a date to remember…..I have to go look on my blog’s archives to know when I began blogging away. Good for you. I love you blog, I laugh, I cry with you. I am forever grateful to Susan for providing the bridge to find each other. Call me if you would like to talk, I know where your head is about now….been there myself as you well know.
    Love to you,

  3. Ahhh… lovely baby and puppy news. Happy Valentine’s to you.
    Sorry to hear that your mom is not doing well, but it always warms my heart to hear how well you are taking care of her.

  4. What you’re doing for your mom–that’s a whole other level of love, right there. To love someone, even if you don’t get those warm-gushy feelings back from them. But I’m glad there’s some babies around to make it a little easier.

  5. Happy Anniversary! And wow, aren’t there many mixed blessings around us all aright now? Congrats on the joyful baby news (lovely name) and uh… yes, I am going to send thoughts of patience and acceptance to the puppy’s new parents. They are so gonna need help with this wee bundle.
    p.s. You are an amazing daughter and your strength is shining through.

  6. Dee – thanks, blog-o-versary. That is the word I could not think of. I can be funny, just not right now. Serious type, you know. ;)

    Pam – Thanks, you started in January 2009. It took me a while, yes, thanks to Susan. You are one of my “met” friends. I’ll call, when I get a spare moment for your wisdom. Much love to you.

    BFB – Thanks, sweetie. I appreciate it. Hope you had the best day ever, today.

    London Mabel – Thank you. I can tell she has warm feelings for me. She is quite concerned that I have not found my real mom. I read your blog too.

    Julie – yeah, I made it another year. I guess the puppy is a grand-puppy for now. Not, that I am pushing for grandchildren and yes, they will need much patience for the little guy. Have not seen the wee babe, looking forward to blessing her. Great Aunts get to bless and impart wisdom. I was born a great-aunt, as in the second marriage and not expecting me to seriously brighten their lives.

    Thank you for the kind words. Some days, I am okay with it all and other days are “Wah, I want my mommy!” She is in there somewhere. Tomorrow should be interesting, my cousin will be visiting with me. Geri is more a sister than a cousin, so… maybe mama will think Geri is her daughter. You may hear some wailing from the west coast, nah, I’ve developed a thicker skin. Stay safe, warm, and thanks again. I really appreciate it.

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