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Now what…

Don’t you just hate answering the telephone sometimes?  Just as I was settling into the routine with mom and her health issues, the wind picked up my mother-in-law and dropped her on the tarmac.  She fractured her hip.  So…now what.  I’m not answering the phone any more.  Tomorrow morning is the operation to insert pins to hold the hip together.  She will be 89 in June.  This will be the second major operation in 6 months.  “Hello – can we please  have a break with the moms?”  That’s it, I’m running away.  Marlowe is growing.  He was home alone for the first time on Friday, with a doggie cam recording his life.  He slept most of the morning.  He thinks he is the Alpha dog in the family, another lesson learned, he is not the alpha dog.  Marlowe was a terror for a few days, he is now on a very tight schedule, learning to be well-behaved and follow his owners’ commands.   Instead of sunsets, the new puppy, Marlowe.

Who is the real alpha dog?

Stay warm in the last throes of winter. 


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  1. Oh no! I heard that she’d broken her hip, but I had no idea of her age and history. Poor thing. Your family just can’t catch a break, can it? I’ll keep saying my prayers for you all. Stay safe!

  2. Healing, healing, healing, and a huge break in the action for you and the moms.
    Oh, and wow, love the idea of the new Marlowe-cam.

  3. Thank you, the operation is this morning Mar 1 for MIL. Prognosis is good so far. She is in good spirits. Mama – can’t catch a break, very broken thinking. Responsibility is hell some days.

  4. Honey, I’m sorry. I am so with you on the responsibility train… wish we could run away for a few days of beach and drinks and paperback novels. :) Hang in there!

    • I have run away. I am thinking of you as well, hope yours is okay. Love to you and one day we will have a run away trip with a few others too.

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