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Sometimes you just have to run away or hide under the covers until it is safe to come out again.  It has been a crazy few months, well,  close to five years with mama and an unexpected six months with the other mother.  Big Guy and I ran way to Tahiti.  Yes, I know it is a tough life if we can run away to the South Pacific.  Cousin/Sister Geri and her husband asked us to go last year, after much deliberation, (not getting younger, what if one of us gets sick, its going to cost money, and more what ifs), we said yes.   

Black beach in Papeete

The colour of the South Pacific Ocean is a thing to behold.  It is so beautiful.  The Pacific Ocean is very grey here on the coastland.  In Tahiti, it is so clear, or turquoise or blue, blue.  We stayed on a black sand beach until the cruise of the islands.  We were so blessed to be able to rest.  Really rest.   So rested, we got sick the more we relaxed and let our guards down. 

Then the earthquake and the tsunami happened and I was ready to walk on water to get home.  The devastation was horrific and the reports of possible damage on the west coast, well, I wanted to go home now.  The last news report  before going to bed, included possible tsunami damage to New Zealand.   It was a very restless night.  “They” say being in deep water would be the best place ride it out.   Right.

So glad to be safe and home even though there was a stack of work waiting.  The other mother had a hip replacement and is recovering well.  Mama knew me when I saw her.  She remembered all  my news  as well as remembering she was a great-grandmother to Addison, born before we left.  I think she was very happy to have me home.  We had a little love fest.  So very glad to be home.  No more big holidays.  Little road trips, close to home.  A weekend in Seattle or Victoria or anywhere along the west coastland will be just fine. 

I am almost caught up with everything and everyone.  And, it’s spring!

Stay safe, warm and very much-loved. 


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Dear Carol :)

    I am so glad you got to run away for awhile…….we all need to do that I know! I missed your blogging!

    So glad you mom knew you (cannot express how glad)….what a way to live.

    You are the best. Such a strong woman, love to you!!!


    • Thanks, Pam. So glad to be home, I missed home, my family, even the work, and most of all, Mom. I think that was our last big trip for a very long time. We are going to stay close to home or just around North America. The east coast is beckoning. We need to see all of Canada especially the Maritimes. And go to the Smithsonian, so many places, so little time.

  2. I tried to post a lovely, heartwarming comment. It got gobbled up, oh well. This is the new me, I shall laugh it off. And just say: yay! Glad you got to go and glad all was well upon your return.

    • That’s it, Julie, laugh it off. Software can be such a pain, especially when it gets the hiccups and spews out your comments. I am so glad to be back, I don’t want to go away for a long time. I had a rare anxiety attack one night, thus, the wanting to walk on water to get home, now. I needed to see my mom.

  3. Yikes! That must have been scary being there through the whole tsunami panic. (Not that it has subsided at all.)

    I’m so glad you got to relax, though. Everyone needs a reset every now and then. It’s wonderful that you got to do it while staring at a turquois ocean next to a black sand beach. Even better that you got to come home to mothers who were relatively good.

  4. I’m glad you are home safe, happy to hear about your mom’s good moments and SO thankful you did not get lost in the tsunami. Please post pics of the gorgeous water and black sand. :)

  5. Delia ~ so glad I am home too. So Glad! So devastating, the destruction and the power behind it. Both moms are doing well, MIL is depressed, about to go on antidepressants. Probably a good thing. Yes, I am so happy Mom knew who I was for the brief moments.

    BFB ~ I will make a photo cd of the water and beaches, some research/muse photos for you. Missed you.

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