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Making time to write…

Last month I received feedback on my WIP.  The “can’t-wait-to-read-more” and the “you must make time to write every day” after the wise and thoughtful comments were the best part.  I have a wonderful writing and critique group who are great writers and tough reviewers.  I really like them. I’ve developed an appreciation for critiques and my hide is thicker.  Slings and arrow bounce off, not wounding me, much… 

There are always the “my opinion is more important than yours, therefore, I will talk all the time” people while we review each others work.   Watch my eyes glaze over while they talk.   Actually, we treat  each other with respect, afterall, we Canadians are notoriously polite, most of the time.  It is disturbing to see the lack of manners or regard for others emerging.  Sad. 

Yesterday, I spent five hours at the Vancouver Public Library.  What a great place to write, away from the home office to work on my WIP.  I re-worked some dialogue and moved onto the next few scenes  putting my characters in peril, the “bad things happen” moments.  I’m playing in the writing sandbox, again.  Love. It.  It was a very good day.  

Enjoy this wee sunset from the coast of Tahiti. 

 So. Beautiful.   Oh, Lord, this world has some pretty spots. 

Stay safe.  

Now, if we could just get the politicians to cooperate, things could get done! 


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  1. Yay! I’m so happy you’re writing again. Can’t wait to see what trouble you’ve thrown at your heroine. :)

    • Thanks, Delia. It YA. The little group is on a quest. Let’s hope they make it. Oh yeah, I’m writing it, they will, eventually. Stuff’s happening. So.Much.FUN.

  2. Good girl. Write, write, write. Then write some more. And thanks for the lovely pic.

  3. What Delia and BFB said, keep writing. This is SO exciting!!! And yes, thanks for that picture. Ahhhh, I feel more relaxed already.

  4. BFB – yes, write, write, write and more. You would love the South Pacific.

    Julie – it is so beautiful there, so calming, all the stuff falls off. The water! There are no words to describe the water.

  5. londonmabel said:

    Ooh a Vancouver Betty! My family live out your way (Vancouver, and Nanaimo), it’s almost as beautiful as Tahiti. Well, it’s just as beautiful really, but beautiful in its own way. Happy writing!

    • Yes, it is beautiful here on the coast. I was on the Island yesterday, in Victoria for the day. Very dear friends live in Nanaimo.

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