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Today is his birthday, my darling boy.  Our youngest son was born just after 6 in the morning, 32 years ago.  His loud cries announcing his arrival have mellowed into one of the greatest laughs you will ever hear.  We love to celebrate birthdays with well-chosen gifts.  Last year money towards a new surf board.  This year, he would like to get another tattoo.  He has two and wants another one or to change the first one.   

 The story is-he was 16, wanted a tattoo to piss off show his mother, she was no longer the boss of him.  He looked around and said, ” I want that one.”  It goes around his arm, almost touching on the other side.  Okay, point taken.  I’m not happy but I can live with it, knowing one day he will wonder what he was thinking on that auspicious day.  They call it ” the  naked lady  person, wearing a hat, sitting in the water.”  

#2 tattoo.  We like this one. Yes, even me.  

The wings go around his calf and almost touch on the shin.  Ouch, that would hurt.  This tattoo inked during his black period.  Tough years. 

 He rarely smiled for 2 years.  I missed his beautiful smile. 

Geoff has wanted another tattoo for many years.  This is the year for #3 tattoo.  There will be much thought and many drawings before he gets inked.  I will post a photo when he gets it.  Thank goodness he is in a very happy place.  I see something with colour.

Happy Birthday Geoffrey.  Much love and  money for the tattoo ~ Mom & Pops.


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  1. Love your title for the first tattoo…I took one look at it an thought Hey the fat Buddha is floating!

    • The tat didn’t have a name for many years. Actually it called “fat lady wearing a hat, sitting in the water.” Or “fat guy” depending on the day and company. That tat was the hardest one to accept.

  2. Love the naked guy tattoo. :) You are a wonderful mellow mom. I am 33 and will have to hide my tattoo from my mother if I am ever brave enough to face the needle. :)

    • If you were my daughter I would be okay with it. You could get a one in a discreet place and never show it to her.

  3. Happy Happy Geoffrey! I do love me some spring time lambs! Yay for the ink!

    Okay, enough extra punctuation. Great name for the first tat but I’m not as sure about the second one. It has much depth though, and it speaks of his history. That is very important. Some of us are just destined to tell our stories out there for all the world to see. Please do share when the third one makes itself known.
    (Who knows a thing or two [or 11] about tattoos.)

    • One day I will post Steve’s tattoos. The boys decided to have a $50.00 tattoo, Steve got a crow or a black bird, Geoff still has to get his. The anticipation!

      Much thought went into the no name second tattoo. Apparently the first tattoo didn’t get much thought. #3 will probably have colour. Who knows, he is his own man, as it should be.

      I would be catatonic after the first few needle jabs. Shudder. Not for me, even if my guy said he would give me the sun, the moon, and the stars. ;>

  4. londonmabel said:

    My parents tell me I had one year without smiling, when I was 13. There is, I admit, photographic evidence.

    Glad his only lasted 2 years, that’s not too bad, all things considered.

    Looking forward to picture of #3.

    -Londonmabel (a Bettyite… still exploring more and more Betty blogs each week)

    • Thank you for stopping by. I read many Betty blogs, yours often, I’ve just not commented. Love your writing, by the way. There are many very talented Bettys. Yes, I am so glad it did not last very long. We have family photos too. He didn’t like the photographer so he wouldn’t smile. Okay then. There is a smirk in the dad and brother photo.

      • londonmabel said:

        (Thanks for the compliment. ;-) )

        These days you could photoshop in the smile!

        • Too funny, I’m going to do that!! I’ll get BFB to help me once she is free from classes. That will be so much fun to do and then blow up it up as a surprize. LOL!

  5. LOL The fat dude in water is fantastic. My DH did roughly the same thing and ended up with a tattoo that the kids commonly refer to as “the duck.” :)

    Happy birthday, Geoffrey! (A bit late, but still.)

    • Thank you Delia. He is thinking of incorporating the Fat dude into a bigger middle of the arm tattoo. Not a full arm sleeve. Sort of a 1/3 sleeve.
      Since we are very Canadian, the maple leaf will be there somewhere, I think.

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