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the horrible week…

No, not me, I had my usual week, not bad, not off the charts, just life with truly wonderful bits thrown in to keep me amused.   Steve, the eldest son, lost his wedding ring at Jericho Beach while walking Marlowe.  He spent three hours trying to find it.  On the other hand, he thinks it is a sign to renew his marriage vows…in Italy.

In Cinque Terre.   Okay, let us fly to Italy this summer.  Any excuse to go to Italy.  

All was well until the hounds of hell or some nefarious force began to play havoc with him on Thursday and Friday.  He dropped his cell phone, it broke. He walked the dog and lost his wedding ring when he pulled off his glove.  His vehicle was towed while he and Aleha were having their “after a long week drink” in Gastown.  No signage telling him where the vehicle was towed.  Walked to where the impound lot used to be.  Had to take a taxi to the new location and pay $60.00 to get said vehicle out of impound.  His ‘thank you it is the end of week, try a new cocktail’ drink cost $70.00, taxi fare, and time.  I’m missing one other bad thing, I know there were four things. 

UPDATE:  #4:  He lost his Ipod too. 

Steve’s wedding band was made by Kelly, a First Nations Haida jewellery artist.  One half of the ring was a wolf and the other half depicted the hummingbird.  Wolves mate for life.  Hummingbirds means joy and brings good things.  At 22, much thought was put into both wedding band designs. Sad faces were brighten by the “sign” and Mom & Dad buying dinner last night.  

Steve, Aleha, and Marlowe, the cutest Australian shepherd, will be on Jericho beach today, looking for a miracle.  He has the metal detector wand.  So, with a little luck, this tale may have a happy ending.  On the other hand, the romantic in Steve wants to renew his vows in Cinque Terre.  Italy.   I’ve never been to Cinque Terre.  I have points!  Sadly, my travel account funds went to Tahiti.  

It’s Sunday, can we have a miracle, please!

  Stay warm, safe, and loved.  I’m off to read great writing on the blog-o-sphere. 


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  1. Oh I want St Anthony to find this ring so bad!


    Tony Tony turn around Steve’s ring is lost and must be found.
    (Did he look inside of the glove?)

    • Yes, Julie. That was my first question too. Haven’t heard if he found it. I can’t afford to go to Italy this summer. He will just have to get Kelly to make another one. We can pretend we are in Italy if he really wants to renew his vows.

      Yeah, we all want it FOUND.

  2. londonmabel said:

    In the book I’m currently shopping around, the hero gives the heroine an engagement hummingbird ring made by a Haida artist. That’s gotta be a SIGN right??!! The ring shall be found, the ring shall be found.

    • Absolutely! It MUST be FOUND. This will take divine intervention, it was at the beach. Very cool, you writing a book with an engagement hummingbird ring. It’s a sign.

  3. Oh, I hope he finds it. Or that you suddenly come into enough money to go to Italy. Or both. Yeah, let’s go for both.

  4. I hope he finds the ring. You have raised incredible boys. You know that man we want the universe to send me? I hope he had a mom like you. And I hope you get to go to Italy. :)

  5. No more cash in the holiday account. They can go on their own and celebrate again. The search for the ring was a bust. Found a lot of bottle caps, no rings. Actually they can’t go, they have a baby doggie. I keep wondering if his glove had a hole in it and the ring is in between the lining. Did you ever read Tawna’s post about her rings in her underwear? Funny story.

    As for the man, well, let’s add that to the list. Man must have a wonderful, loving, caring, woman with a big open heart for you and your young one.

  6. […] lost his wedding band on Jericho beach and we hoped it would show up using the metal detector.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  Sadly it is […]

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