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Still missing…

No sign of the lost wedding band after much searching on Jericho Beach.  Steve, Aleha, and Marlowe, the puppy searched on the grass and the sand.  No luck so far.  It would seem it is truly lost or  found by someone else.  The metal detector detected a lot of bottle caps, no ring, not even someone else’s ring.  Marlowe has dug several holes looking for whatever it is Steve is looking for.  He’s just having fun on the beach being a puppy.

Steve is bummed.  He doesn’t want to contact the designer for a new ring.  The hope is fading.  I think he should start the process, contact Kelly to start on a new one.  Then, he will find it.  Maybe.  Or not.  Together, Steve and Marlowe search the beach and the grass on their daily walks.  Every day, Steve arrives home, dejected, but determined he will find it.  Hope dies and springs forth that tomorrow he will find it.   Pessimistic me thinks it is a lost cause.  I do think he will find the ring through a series of strange and wonderful coincidences in the  future, a story to tell their grandchildren. 

Every day the odds get longer.  Here is to hope in finding the ring.  Or to a lost and found story to tell.  Whichever it is to be, let it be soon.

Stay safe, stay warm, stay loved


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  1. merrymac said:

    My father lost his class ring jumping out of a plane at Ft. Bragg. It was engraved with his initials. Forty-two years later, a gentleman with a metal detector found the ring, researched the initials and school’s graduation records, obtained a current address through the Army, and mailed the ring back to my dad. It was one of the highlights of my Dad’s life. Here’s hoping your son doesn’t have to wait nearly as long, but even if he replaces it now, the lost item may still show up in an unexpected way.

  2. Merrymac ~ what a great story, love it. I hope he finds his ring too. Soon.

    Julie ~ such a great story isn’t it. He does need to find it sooner, like now. Maybe we will go help on Sunday afternoon.

  3. londonmabel said:

    Merry that is TOO too.

    Well, if he doesn’t find it, then I at least send some little bubbles of positive Acceptance Vibes his way… acceptance that sometimes things just stay lost. But he still has his lovely wife.

    • He is accepting it is lost. They stayed over on Friday night. There was much discussion about a new ring and he is deciding if he wants the same or a different one. His lovely wife thinks he had better make up his mind soon. Very soon. Then we discussed tattoos.

  4. […] lost his wedding band on Jericho beach and we hoped it would show up using the metal detector.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  Sadly it is lost […]

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