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Here’s hoping…

Hop with an e.  Ever watch little ones when they are excited.  They hop around, do a little dance, a little “please, please” whirl of anticipation, hoping they get their heart’s desire.  I woke up hoping this morning that Mom will open her eyes and be happy to see me and talk to me with clear thinking, instead of “I’m-mad-and-if-I-keep-my-eyes-closed-and-I-will-not-talk-and-the-world-will-go-away.” At least I’m not getting the “Your not my Mother.  I’m not your Mother” speech.  On this Easter morning, I am hoping for a small miracle when I visit my mom today.  I am hoping she will be happy to see me and we will talk and laugh together about wonderful things and memories.  Here is to hoping with a little hop and a whirl of anticipation. Happy Easter.  Stay safe, warm, and very much-loved.


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Hop – e ……..very good. Here is a prayer sent for Mom to be aware and will give you a nice visit.
    Hugs to you from far away,

  2. Sending hope your way, with lots of love.

  3. Hugs love and hope. And chocolate eggs cause those are cool.

  4. I’m hoping with you, Carol. Happy Easter.

  5. Hope! Here’s to hop(e), wishing you a lovely, loving, and blessed Ostara.

  6. It did not go well. Hope does spring eternal so “they” say. I cut Mom’s hair, accidently poked her with the sissors, she said she hated me. I think God had better take her home, because her daughter is NOT a hair stylist. He should have mercy on her just for the hair cut alone. Alright then. Carrying on. Fed her, hugged her, loved her and came home after stopping by the bookstore and buying too many books/mags. Oh well, one I already had now I have to go back. Let’s all carry one. Shall we!

  7. Carol – I’ve been where you are. My dad’s last 3 years were like that. Some days. Other days were okay. The okay days made my decision to leave the life I was living in SoCal and come help mom take care of him worth it.
    The thing I was always glad about was this; at least I was in life circumstances that allowed me to pick up and move and spend my time caring for dad.
    Seems like you have that with your mom also.
    Take care of yourself, too.

  8. Thanks. We moved Mom to the coast 8 years ago (wow, time flies) the last 4 have been up and down until 5 months ago. Seems to be all downhill now. You are lucky you were able to be with your Dad and help your mom. I just miss the strong woman who would be so pleased with the upcoming events.

  9. Ah, Carol, you have my very great sympathies.

    My Gram had a hard time the last year or so of her life. She didn’t have any dementia, but if things didn’t go her way (a lot of the time with me) she’d just look away and it was over. And there were health issues. The last few weeks of her life were so hard on Mom especially, even tho’ I and my aunt had come to help.

    I hope that before she goes, she sees you with the love she had for you when she was herself, and that the two of you get to laugh and hug each other again.

    I am so glad Mom went quickly, even tho’ I was nowhere near ready for her to leave. At least my last memories are good and her last moments were fairly comfortable.

    Many FGBVs and much love to you and your mom.

    • Thanks, Skye. I have mourned for my mother with every loss of vitality and when she goes I am not sure how I will feel. I will be happy she no longer has to endure the loss of privacy and dignity. It is the essence of who she was I miss that strength and easy talks. And the surprizing moment when she found a man to be good-looking and wanted to know who he was, in her 80s, in church. I loved that moment the best.

      • Maybe compile those memories together and tell them to your mom?

        A good friend of mine lost his father 15 years ago. His father kept hanging on and hanging on. My friend knew a gerontological psychologist who said that sometimes you need to tell the person some things that show you know they loved you. They need that more than they need to know that you love them; they want to know that you know they love you. I did that with both Gram and Mom.

        • Skye ~ thanks. I have never thought of it that way. How interesting to look at it from their point of view. I’m going to try it. How did your Mom and Gram react? Maybe I had better email you with some questions. Thanks, again, Skye.

  10. londonmabel said:

    Sorry for your unhappy haircutting Easter weekend. One of the best books I ever read was about how love is so much more than the nice softy kind where the person loves you back, but is the stuff where you can love someone even if they hate you or want to hurt you. I’d never thought of it in the context of dementia before, but it applies pretty well. (Where you’re not actually hated, but feel hated.) So you deserved a nice pile of new books for practicing Christ-ee love on Easter weekend. The kind that doesn’t feel nice. I admire you, I haven’t had to do that yet.

    Like Skye says, I hope you have a few moments of the Old Connection before god whisks her away. :-) Blessings be upon you Ms Carol from the Coastland!

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