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I could start with something pithy like, “Doors what are they good for?”  Or…something full of cliché about open doors.  So, why use a door as my Gravatar?  It all started with Julie.
Sometime back in 2010, Julie changed her blog header from the beautiful curling ocean wave to trees and a marble something.  We started to talk about unique images and our photos of doors.  Julie loves the ocean.  I sent her these photos.
The Sea Shell Door.  This door is found on the lower level of the Residence in Munich, Germany.  The Residence was the home of the ruling royalty in Bavaria.  Julie used  parts of the door as the blog header for a while. 
I must admit it was pretty cool to see my photograph every day. 
Actually, I was tickled.


Julie’s daughter, Hanna took photos of a church door.   I loved them, which reminded me of all the door photos our family has taken over the years.  We all like doors.  Strangest thing.  We all take photos of doors;  big heavy fortress doors, tiny doors, massive church doors, battered doors, or pretty painted doors.   There is a story behind every door, very clichéd but true.

Somehow I had a momentary  flash in the mystery of my mind.  I decided to use a different door photo for every month in 2011.  You get the picture.  Now I have to come up with twelve doors, including the honorary door which started it all. 

 Hanna’s photo of a rectory door to the Woodland Park United Methodist Church in the Seattle area.  The perfect door for January.  Thick planks of wood.  Sturdy. Blue white paint.  Strong black door handle.  A little weathered and worn on the bottom edge from years of rain and snow.  




This is the tiniest door I have ever seen, inside a famous church in Munich.  The walls are a brilliant white plaster with the arch and straight lines framing the thick door with sturdy lock and handle.  I’m taller by head and shoulder.  The people must have been very small. 

T-I-N-Y door leading to a secret place.  I think it leads to a secret place, down a winding hallway and stairs.  A place where tiny people live.  A place for lovely, petite women who lounge on cushions while reading books. 



 Just through an alcove is the famous footprint of the devil.  I accidentally stepped on it. Apparently several nuns gasped and crossed themselves at the horror of it all.   Trust me to go where others fear to go.


Somewhere along the way, I missed posting a new door at the beginning of February and it seemed fitting to post this door in the middle of March.  After the harsh winter weather we have had, I think it was a fitting door. 

From Morocco, a slightly opened door in pink stucco.  I love the studs and the colour.  A strong door open to the warmer weather.  The contrast of the gray, white in the center of the textured wall makes me think of rich aromatic  food simmering on a stove. 





Another door from Morocco.  No, I have never been.  Youngest son and wife travelled to Morocco and Spain.  Who knew there is surfing off the west coast of Africa.  They arrived in Casa Blanca, travelled to the surf camp, and took the train to Marrakech. The Big Guy is so jealous.  He wants to take the midnight train to Marrakech. 

Somewhere in Morocco is this beautiful door.  Doesn’t this door remind you of Sinbad?  Or the “A Thousand and One Nights.”  




There you have it, the story behind the doors as my Gravatar.   Thanks to Julie for the inspiration.

Stay safe. Stay warm.  Stay dry.  






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  1. I love this post! The doors are wonderful symbols.

    We are all incredibly lucky to have Julie in our lives.

  2. BFB! You are going to make me all red-faced! (But wow, thank you.)

    Carol I love this post so much!!! And now I really want to go out and take more door pictures. (Tell me you are still going to make us a calendar…) I am going to tweet this and share it with Hanny. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. Thanks, everyone. We all love taking photos of doors. Must be some genetic thing. I have so many which are not digital, I may have to get them scanned.

    Julie ~ no, I don’t think I will make a calendar. Well, maybe. Hannah started it all with her great photo of the white door. And, yes, I am very glad you are here in our lives.

  4. Oh I love doors! These are neat!

    • Thank you, inkgrrl. Welcome to the northern part of the west coastland. Saw you pin in the map. ;)

  5. The doors are wonderful! I love doors, especially Greek, Moroccan, those hacienda doors in Mexico, carved wood doors of any kinds, Arts & Crafts/Craftsman doors ….

    And gates.

    Lovely pics. Maybe one of your doors needs to be in Julie’s tarot deck that she doesn’t realize she’s creating this year. :)

  6. londonmabel said:

    Wheeeere do they lead? So full of mystery. Thank-you for sharing some doors.

  7. So many stories to be told. I’d like to go behind all of them just to see where they lead.

    Okay, writers pick a door and write a scene.

  8. The doors are beautiful. I was thinking of you and Julie while I was walking around Salem, MA, because of all the great doors. :)

    • Thanks, Delia. I was thinking of you at the conference in Salem, MA, knowing you were having a wonderful time. The question is ~ did you take photos of the great doors?

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