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…give me a day

Life just is busy.  Posting a new post, one that is interesting not just ho-hum takes time.  I’ll be back.  Really.  Creative Writing class this afternoon, gotta run.  There were ten (10) spam comments over the weekend.  Really, where do these people come from?  No, I do not want viagra.  No, I do not want to look at naked photos.  No,  I do not want cigarettes.  No. No. No.

Kudos to Julie who always gets her daily post–posted.  I was so close to Julie, only two (2) hours away on the weekend.  Maybe next time.  Definitely next time.   All is well with Mama.  She is sleeping…a lot.  I am the only visitor.  Can you say pissed off at the siblings?  Yes, I am very pissed off.  Ticked Off.  Trying to maintain positive regard for the brothers and sisters.  So far only rant and rave in my home.  And I have not spewed angry words on the brother and sister who live fairly close…points for me.  Lots of points.  Stay safe, until tomorrow.


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  1. Lots of points!!! Big sparkly bonus points with frosting on top, and a huge side of glowing karma.
    I don’t know how I get the posts up daily, seriously. Must be because I don’t have an actual job. Or much of a life. Maybe. Hard to say. I know I’m damn well not doing all the many things you are!
    Be Well Dearest.

  2. londonmabel said:

    The spam is often a way of building links to other sites, so that those sites will rank higher in google–because the more links point to your blog, or to a blog posting, the more likely it is to come up when someone googles the keywords in that posting. That’s what I learned this year. Still makes them obnoxious but… at least now I understand it as I hit the delete key…

  3. Julie ~ not a good visit today. Mom was fearful and I am emotionally drained. SPENT. No stuffing left. Off to bed to re-coop.

    Londonmabel ~ They are obnoxious. Delete. Delete. Delete. The annual report on the blog was very good. Think it is the betties visiting. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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