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Everyone needs a little time away so we took to the train to Portland or P-Town.  I’m not sure the fine people of Portland call their city “P-Town” but  we heard it a few times.  Great place to visit for a long weekend plus there is no sales tax and the dollar is slightly in our favour.   The food is very delicious.  There was music.  And the book store.  You must go to Powell’s Book Store on Burnside.  Also, known as the biggest bookstore west of the Mississippi.  It is bookstore heaven.  New, used, and rare books on four levels stretching one city block.  Across the street is the sciences bookstore.  There is something for everyone.   Every price point.   I spent hours every day, e-v-e-r-y day wandering the aisles.  Used books, new books and baby books for three little people.  I found a  Robert McKee’s STORY, a rare used copy of Georgette Heyer, three research books, a couple of Brennan Manning, and a  Nouwen, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s book, My Stroke of Insight, wonderful baby books, two novels by  favourite authors, and a lovely little book on the art of the personal letter.    Book. Heaven.   Now to make time to read and write after work.

Book Store Heaven

Stay safe and loved.


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  1. THIS is the place we all dream about….

  2. MECCA! I must go.

    It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. :)

  3. Now there is lust in my heart to go to Portland and visit that bookstore… :)

  4. Pssst…. did you both see how close to ME this place is?!

    • Yes, Julie. Only 2 hours away. Maybe in September, we can have birthday cupcakes together.

  5. Yes, it is THE place to dream about and it is MECCA for book lovers. I would be broke in no time if I lived in Portland. All my money would be spent in the bookstore. So many books, not enough money or time to read them all. Let’s all go and spend time with Julie wandering the aisles. It could be a meeting of the Mutual Admiration & Book Lovers Society.

    All the favourite books from my childhood were tucked on the shelves. Finally I had to tell myself to “Step away from the bookshelves and go back to the hotel.” I want to go back!

  6. Powell’s was the thing that tipped the balance towards me living in Portland. Awesome husband of Awesomeness is the reason I’ve stayed.

    We spent about an hour Saturday in another Powell’s bookstore: Powell’s Technical. It’s all science and engineering and delicious yumminess All The Time.

    I really like Powell’s because they stock both used and new books together, they have a great book-buying program, and their staff are knowledgeable and friendly. SUPA-cool.

  7. Yes, I loved the new and used stocked together. I was able to get the research books and Story used which made a huge difference in the what I was able to purchase. The price in Canada can be up to double depending on when the book was published and Can $ at the time of publication. For several years Can $ was low. Books $$$. Probably the reason I was in book heaven. And the selection. Out of this world.

    I am thinking about taking my used books next time and make a little money while I spend a lot of money. It’s a win win for Powell’s. You are so lucky.

  8. londonmabel said:

    Which Heyer?

    • FALSE COLOURS. $15.50 Can$, $8.95 US$, a bargain. Lora (LitDiva) blogged about one of her favourite books – A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. Bought it too. $18.95 in Canada, $7.98 at Powell’s w/no tax. It was one of those “I saved so much money and spent a small fortune while on a mini holiday.” A bookstore is like crack.

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