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It has been a long haul with Mother this past month and a half.  Who wants to read about “from bad to worse” scenes in a nursing home?  Not me.  I don’t want to write about it either, suffice to say dementia sucks.  Enough said.

Instead of the “weekend update” here is a little update on the lost ring and the July door.

Steve lost his wedding band on Jericho beach and we hoped it would show up using the metal detector.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  Sadly it is lost forever unless in twenty years from now there is a wild story of how the ring was found and returned to Steve.  Aleha bought a new one for him as he was so bummed and couldn’t decide if he should have the same or another design made.  He is still losing things too.  His new Blackberry was stolen off the table  in a restaurant before his trip to New Orleans to meet up with his lovely wife.  The upside, they had a great time tasting all the wonderful food in the French Quarter.  He had the best sandwich and the best hamburger ever in his life, so far.  She had the best sandwich ever, four times.  As for the best meal, there were several contenders. They could not pick a winner.  Such foodies are my kiddies.  Love, love to have dinner made by our sons and daughter-in-laws.  Another upside to having adult children is they cook for us.

Celebrating summer, the July door is ~

A sunny summer day in Cinque Terre, Italy.  Love the dark green door with the flowers and the terra cotta pots.  Just lovely and you know I love all things Italian.

Stay safe and loved.


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  1. I need to marry my damn kids off so they can cook for me too! What an amazingly tasty trip that sounds like. Poor thing, he needs to figure out why he’s losing things, so it can stop.

    Thank you for the door story. Gorgeous photo!!!

    Nothing I can say or do about your Mama’s situation, except to tell you that I am thinking of you (and you know what that means).

    • Hey Julie, they have been married a long time, mere babes on their wedding day, kinda like me when we got married. They took the photo of the door when they were in Cinque Terre on their 5th wedding anniversary 7 years ago. Many of the door photos are theirs, some are mine and some are the other son. It means a lot your thinking of me. Ah life, it truly does suck at the end when disease ravishes a body or a mind.

  2. Hugs and good thoughts for you and your mama. The door is gorgeous. I love it. Unicef has a set of boxed notecards that are just pics of vibrant international doors. If i didn’t already own ten zillion notecards, I’d go for it. :)

    • Lora – thanks and I’ve been thinking of you as you grow beautiful little sweet-pea. I’ve got boxes of note-cards too. It’s the paper thing for me, beautiful paper and images get me every time. Now I’ve got a box of mom’s note-cards, too. Perfect health to you and sweet-pea.

  3. Oh no! The phone, too? I’m glad they made up for it with such wonderful food. I am not glad that you’re still going through so much mess with your mother. Thinking of you both.

    • Thanks Delia, I appreciate your kind thoughts. It has been a “toughening up” few months. I don’t weep when I leave anymore. Yay, my poor son. Last night he said he has been really lucky all his life and it is just even-ing out a bit now. I say – enough, already. As for New Orleans, they want us to go with them next time. Those are the best words spoken by a daughter-in-law. Now back to cleaning out the garage.

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