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I’m not a huge fan of rollercoasters.  I don’t like the plunge down the other side after the long climb up the hill on a rollercoaster.  When my stomach lurges up my throat and drops like a stone is not a good feeling especially after eating mini-donuts.  So, I avoid rollercoasters as much as possible.  Although, I do like the Thunder Mountain rollercoaster at Disneyland.  I took our youngest son when he was in grade 9, “the make or break, which-way-are-they-going-to-go” year and we rode the coaster three times.  The first time, I was hiding behind him, head down, sitting in the last seat of the log.  The second time, still in the back, head up, a smile on my face.  The third time, hands up in the air, big smile, and we were in front.  I got over my fear.  Now, some of you may say, “that’s not a rollercoaster, you need to go on one with loops, long climbs up and straight down valleys, that’s a rollercoaster.”  No thanks.  I really like my feet on the ground with the occasional flight of fancy or two.

Visiting Mom is like a rollercoaster ride now.  I never know if I will be heading straight down a valley or climbing up towards a peak or just on the flats when it comes to mother’s countenance.  Will she know me?  Will she be silent or angry?  Will she tell me to go home?  And is she eating?

Today was so bittersweet, it broke my heart, again.  Mom was sitting up in bed, napping, no music on, and she had eaten all of her breakfast.  One good thing.  Very quietly, I took all the dirty clothes out of the basket before sitting on her bed.  I always take hold of her hand before I say hello.  Mom held my hand, stroked my hand and my arm and then she patted me very gently.  She never said a word, just patted my arm.  I lost it.  We sat like that for a long time, me weeping silently and Mom holding my hand.  Someone once said something about that which does not kill you, makes you stronger.  I may be getting stronger but my heart is breaking.  It hurts.  Serious pain, people.  I ache for my mother and the indignity she must endure.  Then I question how long this has to go on.  No answer.   No inner voice talking.  No audible voice speaking.  No inner sense of peace, only sorrow.  This long, slow dance towards the light strips me raw some days.  Today, my mother knew I was there.  She patted my arm like she did when I was a child.  She said, “I love you” with touch.   I kissed her forehead and slipped out of the room when she fell asleep again.

Stay warm. Stay safe. Stay loved.


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  1. Oh Sweetie, we so wish we could share this burden with you, take some of this pain away…..

  2. lilacacres said:

    Aghhhhh, that photo of your hand with mom’s UNDID me.

    Oh Carol, if to only be able to do something constructive for the both of you. My heart breaks for you.

    Love to you always,


  3. What Julie and Pam said. You know if you need anything, you can ask, right? I hope you do. Hugs and FGBVs to you and your mom.

  4. Thanks, dear ones. Just knowing others care is music to me.

  5. Oh Carol, this just breaks my heart. I am sending love and strength your way.

  6. Sorry I haven’t been around, I’ve been lost in my own *issues*. (Ahhh the selfishness of pain.) But I’ve often thought about you–I associate you with all my Vancouver peeps! And then when I finally saw the movie Iris. I know it’s wrong to classify illnesses this way, but Alzheimer’s just seems like one of the saddest. The way is disconnects people. I’ve been reading about the science of “attachment”, how these few close relationships are vital to our physical and emotional health–key to how we survive and get through life. It’s no wonder that losing those people hurts SO MUCH. And the first attachment we form is to our mothers. :-( And your lifeline with her is sometimes there, sometimes not. That must be heart breaking. It’s heart breaking to hear about. Well… huggles and special Heyer FGBVs. Take care.

  7. Haven’t read your blog forever..sorry..just catching up….but this post made me comment…you know how much I have always loved your hands…..

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