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I have found joy in writing.  It takes me off the current roller coaster ride which is my life this year.  I have taken the same creative writing course over and over at UBC.  I love my instructor and many of my classmates have become writing friends as well as being great writers.  Every Thursday afternoon for two months I play in the writing sandbox.    It is joyous.  It is music to my soul.  It is inspiring.   And, I forget my troubles for two and half hours.

This session, I submitted a personal essay, “How I Write” and a series of “Letters to my Siblings and God” and a poem.  I love my “found”  poem.  It was short and sensual without being clichéd.  

The idea for the poem came from Leonard Cohen’s poem, You Have The Lovers and Jennifer Crusie’s Manhunting audio book read by Renee Raudman.   There is a sentence in the book which starts with “They lay…”  Renee’s rendition of “they lay” instantly takes you into the scene with the lovers.   Besides, her voice is like honey or molasses or a deep full-bodied red wine, rich in texture and tone.  The sound of  “they lay” ran through my brain for months.  I had to write something as evocative as Cohen’s poem and Jenny’s scene.  I wrote it very quickly and it brought me joy and a bit of pride in a poem well-written.   I love my poem and now you want to read it don’t you!   Sorry, can’t post it as I am writing a series of poems for submission and don’t want to jinx it.  Suffice to say, it was very well received.   My instructor’s opinion counts the most.   She said, “Not clichéd, very sensual and visual, excellent title.”   Eight little words over shadowed all the months of caring for Mom.  Thank you to Jennifer Crusie, Renee Raudman, and to Leonard Cohen for inspiring me.  To my instructor, whom I admire for just being a fabulous woman and writer and teacher.   There is joy in the writing sandbox.

Stay cool. Stay loved. Stay calm in these tumultuous times.


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Yay Carol :)

    The poem :) I agree with your instructor. Loved it! and there is more on the way? Even better!!!

    hugs to you from far away,


  2. You are a great writer. :) Can’t wait to read the poems! Keep us up to date on the submissions. One day I’m gonna visit and take that creative writing class with you.

  3. Yay a Writing Sandbox update post! I love that you are able to utilize your creative words in such a positve and loving way. Looking forward to reading the series.

  4. Thanks. A teeny bit proud of my poem. I love it when the words come quickly. It is such a feeling of accomplishment that I created this poem and people like it. It is validating especially when I am in a room full of great writers.

  5. Well for heaven’s sake, you’re not supposed to just tease us like that! I’m so happy you’re writing, though. You will let us know when and where it’s published, yes? (Because I have no doubt it will be.)

  6. Oh I love this! I’m so happy for you. This summer was the first time writing actually filled a therapeutic role for me too, rather than just regular ole enjoyment–totally new experience. So I really get it. After the last post, though, I’m so happy to read this one. And what a great feeling when someone you respect gives you that feedback. Yays!

  7. Delia & London Mabel ~ I’m so glad to be writing again too. It is therapeutic isn’t it! I’ll let you know when and where, thanks for the faith you have in me.

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