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Body Art

I confess I am a bit fascinated with tattoos, not the sleeves on the arms or up and down the legs or the tatties snaking around the body, but, the  distinctive designs chosen with much thought.   A strategically placed piece of art on the body.  The whys and the wherefores interest me.  Why that design?  Why there on the body?  And, didn’t it hurt, a lot?

I’ve seen tattoos to curl your toes and shake my head in disbelief, other which scare the whack out of me, and some very unique to the person tatties.  Would I ever get one?  No.  Nada. Never.  Okay, never say never.  I’m very sure I will never get one.   For me, the tattoo is too permanent and I can change my mind like the wind some days, so…probably not a good idea to get one.  Plus, the aging aspect, the wrinkles, sagging and drooping of the body could change the work of art into a sad, faded, muddied puddle on the skin.

I liked the small birds in flight on a young lady’s upper chest and shoulder, very pretty.  A friend of the family has different moustaches tattooed on the inner side of his fingers.  One son has the skeleton of a bird on his calf.  That’s interesting.   Julie has llamas on her arm. She calls them “fire llamas.”  Pretty.  They remind me of my year in Peru. I like it on Julie.   My other “not of my body” son has a Japanese quote, lots of dark ink on his wrist.  I think that one hurt, a lot.

The cute-sy butterflies, fairies, and dolphins don’t do it for me.  I like our son’s very first venture into the world of ink.

His fascination with Haida artwork in his teens showed up on his shoulders.

The Haida orca or killer whale.  It means something profound, but, I forget what it is.

After 17 years, it was getting a little faded.  Another reason not to get one.  It needs to be touched up.

  Or this one on the other shoulder, another Haida rendition  and more touching up.  Ouch.

The tattie low on the back which shows up under the thong panty when a woman bends over…not so interesting to me.  For others, probably a turn on.  My brother- in-law had a tattoo of his beloved first wife who died after a kidney/pancreas transplant.  It was very beautiful, a tribute to Sandy and has since been removed through many painful visits to remove her face after he remarried.   A cousin by marriage has a crouching tiger on his shoulder, a scorpion on his hand, and a few others.  He was in the Navy and tatties are a part of the Naval culture.  His father has a few from his time in the Navy.    I took photos of tattoos on Tahitian dancers this year.   I’ll make a slide show for Julie post.

One night while our boys were bonding over sports and beers, they decided to get $50.00 tattoos.

His fifty dollar tattie of a crow or a raven.

Now embellished with clouds, mountains, and water.

He really has the tattoo bug.  This one showed up last year.  I do love it.  It is city skyline of Vancouver.

The other side of the panoramic view of the mountains and ocean.

I had a fake tattoo for Canada Day, a maple leaf.  An “I am Canadian” moment to celebrate.   An instructor was very impressed as she didn’t think I was an ink the body kind of person.  My stock rose and sank dramatically when she discovered it was only temporary.   You can  fool some of the people some of the time.

I’ll just admire the beauty of unique tattoos and occasionally stick on a “pretend” tattie.  I’m a wimp.  A real ink on the skin tattoo would hurt and I can’t make up my mind what I want.  I can take laser treatments for sun damage, but, getting inked.  I think not.

Stay safe. Stay loved.  Stay cool.


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  1. Wow. Where to begin?! First of all, so glad you like my Fire Llamas, I do too. And it’s funny, my brother’s wife is so opinionated about ink (because of me and my influence) that she also appreciates the art and spiritual meaning behind them, but would “never” have any herself. Just about a month ago Dan’s youngest sis got her first one (it’s lovely, conversation hearts with her, her husband’s, and their daughter’s initials on them) and she told ME before she even informed ANYONE else! I was so touched by this gesture I nearly cried.

    The Haida tats make me think about that boy’s past life connections… just saying. And yeah, some of us get very addicted to them. ;)

    Ya know, you could always buy some permenent markers and have a few temporary ones drawn on. That’s what we used to do for Empress before she was 18, she celebrated many a pagan occasion (and a few secular ones) this way. (We had my tattoo guy do the drawing, they were lovely, albeit short-lived.)
    (who is still one fifth short of sacred)

    • Nope, just stick-on tattoos for me. I’m a wimp, I know. The first-born son has the most as you can see. I think he is going to have a sleeve one day, maybe…but, I hope not. Not that I have any say in the matter.

      Well, the past life thing – you know….that is not our way of thinking. Once is enough of a go around. I delved into past lives philosophy (is that the correct word for it?). Didn’t resonate with me. Will check with the others. We may be having an interesting discussion. The thought of all the pain and angst and finding love and all the human stuff going on forever and ever in a different shell, no thanks. Still love you, though! :)

      The aboriginal blood is from way up north in the Artic, just a little bit in the boys. The relatives don’t have the same type of artwork, more bead work which is beautiful and very down to earth people who have survived the coldest weather possible. The Haida artwork is a way to express his heritage and they both have a very deep appreciation for nature.

      You are missing 1/5th of something?

      • Love you too Sweetie! Ah ha! It’s ancestors with that kid then…. also makes much sense. ;)

        My belief system states that we are all sacred, but I took it a step further, and if I have all five of the Five Sacred things (air, water, fire, earth, and spirit/god/universe) then I am a walking, talking, inked embodiment of a sacred temple. I don’t have the last one, on my skin.

        • Okay, the light bulb just came on…..what have you thought about as a symbol of the 5th element?

          Still I’m a wimp about getting a tat. Shudder and shiver just at the thought of it.

          • Nuthin…. absolutely not a thing. Which is why I still don’t have it represented. That, and it would have to be on my back. Speaking of big ol’ babies, I am NOT good with the healing process. It takes a full month for these suckers to heal. Uh, 30 days to walk around with no shirt on?

  2. Lyn Alcock said:

    My kids all have their tats…son was the last one to get one. They all have very special significance and must say have changed my attitude to tats. They are all very appealing.
    My girls even convinced me to have one some years ago, but couldn’t find a artist with a free appointment in time. They keep reminding me of my promise. Maybe one day????

    • Oh Lyn, how are you?

      And…really you were going to get a tat?? What were you going to get? You go first. Maybe I will get the “whole world” as in a “dot” like the Friends episode.

      When you are ready come visit us and maybe some of your kiddies would like to come too.

  3. Eons ago I said I would only get a tattoo if I published a book (one per book). Somehow it feels wrong to break the vow. So the decision is not entirely in my hands! But I’m not particularly squeemish about them, and find body art lovely. I’m less into piercing–just too much in the way. I couldn’t even deal with the top-of-ear earring that got tangled in my hair and wouldn’t heal.

    • Well…we are known to change our minds about many things. Perhaps a nice piece of jewellery? A pinky ring? Earrings?

    • Are you saying that to encourage me to get a tattoo even if I’m never published? Or are you trying to save me from tattooing if I am published?? ;-)

      • I’m trying to save you from tattooing. Buy jewellery. You are just changing your mind and unless you said, “I vow to get a tattoo if I publish a book, one per book…” you are not committed to getting a tattoo, in my way of thinking. A woman can always change her mind. It is in our DNA. :)

  4. Great pics! I am also fascinated by tattoos, and am determined to get one one day. Maybe for graduation… if I wasn’t so scared of needles and pain, I’d probably have a couple of tats by now. :)

  5. A big one or a little discreet one? Shudder. I say buy jewellery. It can be passed down as a wonderful momento to remind everyone of how hard and committed you are to getting your PHD.

  6. Lol I thought you were saying “Why wait! Get one now!” Then I realized, wait–she’s not a tattoo fan so much…. If I get published I totally want a tattoo! I only meant I would be breaking my vow by getting one before that. But I don’t see myself getting something huge. Maybe a symbol that represents the book. Or maybe a footprint for each book. But you’re missing the key BUT <–I would have to get published first! If I'm 99 and have crepe papery arms at that point, I might change my mind and buy a fancy new wheelchair instead.

    • Ha ~ I was trying to change your mind and get jewellery instead of a tat when you got published. If/when I get published, it is jewellery, baby! Something to celebrate, a lovely little piece, doesn’t have to cost much, maybe some great earrings or a pinky ring or a bracelet. So many choices.

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