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New day, month, door

In other words, it is the first of September and time for a new door photo.  The back story is here.  It’s the most birthday celebrations month, including mine.  Julie’s special day is on Sunday.  My dearest friend, Mary, who has  retired to Mexico, has her special day on  the 14th, a couple of very talented and creative women is the 17th, and on it goes to the end of the month.  All fabulous women, we will celebrate our birth days, our “welcome to the world, here I am in all my glory” day.

I love this door photo.  It looks like a great treasure is hidden behind this door.   It is another door from the former Residenz of  Bavarian monarchs in Munich.  If you get to Munich and you like history, go.  It is an amazing palace full of wonderful things.   Stay safe. Stay warm.  Stay loved.



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  1. Happy Birthday (this month)! That’s a gorgeous door. September is a busy b-day month around here, as well. Too many people “celebrated” the winter holidays. ;) I’ve got my son, my FIL, my neice, my nephew, and myself, not to mention my anniversary. Busy, busy, busy.

    • And a Happy Birthday to you this month! Many, many birthdays this month. Celebrating the winter holidays – yes, they did. I love the colors around the door, too.

  2. Oh thanks so much! The new look is quite bright and colorful.

    Delia, why don’t I have your important dates written down? I must have them here someplace…. We talked about this last year! (Deargawd, has it been a full year already?!)

    • I like it too. Lots of colour and a softer, brighter header of the outer harbor. Still trying to find where to, if I can, put a photo of the author on the posts.

      Yes, I agree, we need to find out Delia’s birth day, so we can celebrate her day. Lots of September babies after all the cold winter holiday cuddles.

  3. Ooh exciting! I like the sticky-outy bits! Happy special month!

    • Pretty isn’t it. I like the sticky-out bits too, sort of like a “pick me, pick me” or a “look at me” tag. Love the colours on the different right hand tags too. Lots of colour when you click on the choices. Thank you for the “special” month greetings. When is your special month?

      • Woah, when I hit reply it even moooves in cool ways!

        My bday is in May. I guess anything in spring is a special month, winter being so sucky here in Quebec!! (But I just said on Judy’s blog that I would complain less about winter this year, so I must stop.)

        • Quebec, a lovely place. I’ve always wanted to go to Quebec City. It is on my visit list. Love visiting Montreal. May can go either way around here. Grey, raining or sunny and warm.

          I love this new theme – colour and movement, sort of an interactive site.

  4. Hey! Look at all the pretty new stuff! I, too, like the sticky-outy bits.

    • Glad you like the pretty new stuff. This really is more me when I am not stuck in my “classics and tailored” only look. I changed everything on Monday. I love the colour!! And the new photo. Now, this is the coast land on the west coast. I must have played for about 3 hours. Still tweaking. May be more changes, she says with a sly smile.

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