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Pardon me?

My mother never swore or very rarely used swear words when I was a child.  Once in a while she would swear.  This was always a surprise to me.  My mother knew swear words and even more astounding, she said them.   Mother is very proper.   She always used big words ,  words to get her meaning across to me.  Mom also corrected my pronunciation and told me what the word meant and how to use it.  Swearing was not part of our speech.  Today was a different story.

So, during my visit with Mama, she suddenly took a detour around sanity and started to swear.  Some how she had the idea I was standing in the toilet and someone, anyone, could just shit on me.  OKAY.   This language is not the norm.  It is out there, way out in left field for my mother to swear.

I had to laugh, just a little, because it struck me as funny.  No big words were spoken, just a word while demanding me to move.  Her fierce look of indignation was so Mother.  Even during a detour into dementia, Mom still is a force to be reckoned with.

It took a little while of reasoning before she believed me.  Other than the little blip, her mind was working well and she promised to be nice to my brother when he comes for a visit.  My brother is being a wimp.  If I can take the detours, the angry bursts, the “you are not my child” talk then he should be able to handle it too.  Come on buck up, brother and be a man.

Actually, a lot of my siblings and half-siblings are not visiting, much to my indignation!

And, lest you think I never swear…nope, I can swear like a trooper when things are rapidly heading south.  Staying true to my roots, “bloody hell” is often heard when stress levels are high.  I once had a necklace which said, “Oh Shit” of which I wore to work when I toiled for someone else, back in the olden days.  I know, shocking, isn’t it.

You know there are just times when a good old swear word fits the bill.  Today, my very proper Mom swore to make her point.  Then sanity returned.  The best part of all, she knows who I am and loves me.  Today was a good day.

I know, a long post instead of a short one.  Barb, you did warn me.

Stay warm. Stay safe.  Stay loved.


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  1. Not only a long one, but a good one too … moving, emotional, funny, entertaining, thought provoking … just lovely. And just right.

    • Thanks, Julie. It was a bit of a shock at first and so indignant, too. Oh well, life in the nursing home. I spoke to the nurse about keeping mom in the new “geri” chair, she said yes as Mom is much more comfortable. Yeah. Progress.

  2. My grandmother swore like a trucker when she was living with us (with Alzheimer’s), but she swore in French, so only a few of us could understand her.

    I’m happy you had a good day with your mom. They’re valuable, those days. It’s too bad your siblings are missing out on them.

    • Delia – too funny, my grandfather would only speak French, flirted with all the nurses and probably swore like a trooper as well, in English and French.

      It was a good day, every time she knows me it is a very good visit and day. And, yeah, they are missing out, the wimps.

  3. My grandfather had a stroke when I was about 15, and after that he was without speech, except for swear words. That’s common as I understand it–he could shout GD at top level if he was frustrated. And he threw his shoe–just to make a point.

    First visit to your site, Carol–it’s great!

    • Thanks for visiting, Nan.

      It is so very sad and frustrating for our elderly parents and grandparents. Mom often clamps her mouth shut, tilts up her chin and closes her eyes, the signal for not talking and you are not there.

  4. In his book On Writing, Stephen King writes about the word shit in a truly compelling way… sometimes, you just have to cuss. For the record, I think the Oh Shit necklace was brilliant. Glad you had a good day. :)

    • I agree. Sometimes only that word will suffice, a lot, strung out like clothes on a line, or short choppy repetitions will work too. I loved that necklace. I think I will make a new one. Welcome back, sweetie.

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