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I met a Betty…

Last week was a joyful week.  Not only did the Big Guy and I spend a week celebrating my birthday by riding bicycles over the Golden Gate bridge, eating great food and sipping excellent coffee, I met a Betty.  Not just any Betty…but the fabulous Julie, also known as Lunar Betty.  We are known as the Tall Canadians because we are just a bit taller than Julie.    Thinking about it now, we should have taken a photo of the four of us, Julie, Me, Dan and the Big Guy, totem pole style.  I wore platform sandals just to add a bit more height.  I want to be taller so I cheat sometimes.  Julie called me on it.

Julie and I had a running series of text messages back and forth as we traveled down the coastline on the train.  Almost an “are we there yet” conversation counting down the minutes.  We planned to met at the hotel and go for dinner.   We all love great food and who doesn’t?   Julie and Dan took us to their favorite seafood restaurant.   Over dinner we talked a lot, laughed a lot and ate a lot.  Love us some Julie and Dan.  After dinner, a little walk around  the block and back to the hotel for coffee and cocoa.

I love bringing joy to others.  So I planned the perfect birthday present for Julie.  I knew Julie’s favorite Lani Diane Rich novel is The Fortune Quilt.  I had an almost pristine copy which I sent to Lani.  She very kindly autographed it for Julie.  Then it had to travel back to me by snail mail.  I started sweating bullets as it was taking FOREVER to get back to me.   Finally the very last possible day, Friday, September 21st, the book arrived in the mailbox. Hallelujah.

The surprise was back on.

Lani wrote a lovely note to Julie.


There was joy in the room.

I got such a kick out of giving Julie my book with Lani’s note.

So. Much. Fun.

Dan took photos  which you can see on Julie’s September 26 and 27 blog posts.  The poor guy had so many instructions on how he could photograph us.  And still….we had veto rights, this one, not that one and delete those.  Julie doesn’t like this photo, but, it does capture the joyful moment.

Here we are two betties sitting on the red couch having a wonderful time, connecting, sharing and full of joy.

Stay warm, stay safe, stay loved.

On the family front, I missed Mom.  She continues to know me which is very good.   Plus, this entry is a stellar milestone.  Post # 200.


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  1. Two of my favorite Betties, together! I bet you two lit up the room and made everyone around you experience unexplained moments of joy.

    • You are one of my favorite Betties. One day soon and I’m dragging Julie with me. Probably not dragging her, she will be running ahead cause she loves you too.

      Oh it was fun. I thinks our beloveds had as much fun as we did. They were blasted with the joy in the room. I love Julie’s shocked look. She saw the book then the realization that perhaps… there was a special message just for her from Lani. I love it when a plan comes together.

      The funny thing was I lost the book for a week, trying to remember what special place I had stashed it, then had to rush it to Lani. Fingers were crossed.

  2. Gah! Look at us! How much do you want a couch like that now? I want one, I really want one so bad.

    We had a freaking blast! Great post, and wow, you are such a perfect gift planner too. What a blessing, for everyone in your life.

    • Maybe we can hustle one out the door when no one is looking! Hmmm… thinking now. Always a dangerous thing as the Big Guy says, he never knows what I’m going to come up with. I like to keep him on his toes. Ha. Everyone else too. It’s a gift.

  3. The shock-pic of Julie is fantastic–she’s too critical about how she looks in pictures!! ;-) Thumbs up on the surprise you gave her. :-)

  4. It looks like you all had a great time! I want to meet some more Betties…

  5. that sounds like it was so much fun! we really need a western-half-of-the-continent Betty meetup. and GREAT pictures!

  6. […] So, for my birthday week last month, we travelled by train to Eugene to have some fun with Julie and Dan, then onto San Francisco to ride bikes over the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was my best birthday week […]

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