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It feels like cheating….

I confess, I broke down and bought an e-reader.  I’m running out of space.  The shelves are packed.  Full.  The storage boxes jammed.  And still I buy more.  Now I’m cheating on my books.  The poor things are languishing  while I gleefully read from my electronic library of books.  I have several genres, even a few I probably would not have purchased had I not had the reader.   There are free books and classics for no charge or a pittance,  as in $1.99 or $2.99.  There are back lists from favored authors taunting me. I bought two of my faves. It’s a great way to catch up on earlier works now out of print.

An e-reader can hold lots of books.  Lots! As in hundreds.   When I travel I now  take my reader  full of books.  One book instead of five.  Only one.  And yet, it feels like cheating.  It’s not a real book.  No tactile pages to turn.  I just tap lightly on the right side.  Tap lightly on the left side to go back a page or two.  I can look up the meaning of a word with another little tap.  No dictionary to lug around.  It’s very freeing, sort of.

But I love my real books.  The hardcovers, the soft covers, the pretty covers, the script, oh, just everything about a book.  Youngest son and I were talking about a book versus an electronic book.  We see the expediency of an e-reader, especially for travel, but, we cannot, cannot, stop buying books.   Hmm…..the Big Guy says I have a “buying books” addiction.  “Yes, I know,” I said sweetly and carry on.  Actually I believe it is in my DNA coming down through the generations of readers. It’s in the blood.

It still feels like cheating on my “real” books, though.  So I bought a few books yesterday.  Lovely books.  Vibrant covers.  Two memoirs and a novel.  And I started to read Melissa Senate’s book, The Secret of Joy.  A real book with pages to turn.  When I stand in line, I whip out the reader and continue on with The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma.   I guess I have the best of both worlds, lovely books to curl up with in a chair and a cup of tea and a standing in line book/s to choose from while I’m waiting my turn.  It’s a buffet of books tempting me.  Still the e-reader feels a bit like cheating.

Stay safe, warm and very much-loved.


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  1. Lyn Alcock said:

    I love, love, love my Kindle too. Especially for the airline travelling I am about to do. But I agree…..it does not quite have the feel of real books. Enjoy both.

    • I’ve held off buying one. But, with all the airline weight and carry on restrictions, I caved. I must have a book or two or three on the go. Have fun in China. Take lots of photos, Lyn. Enjoy your trip. Think of you often.

  2. Bona Fide Betty said:

    Wonderful post. I want the best of both worlds – there are days I must have the Kindle, especially when on the road, and there are times I have to have real, gorgeous books. I’m so bad about book collecting that if I discover a new author on the Kindle and love her work, I have to buy one of her books in print for my shelf. I don’t want to ever lose real books, but I never want to give up my Kindle either – especially if they keep developing options for loaning e-books to friends and checking e-books out from libraries.

    • Me, too. I’ve been reading Melissa Senate, real page turning books. I like the idea of the e-books at the library, which we can do too. I wasn’t aware of the loaning books to friends. Hmm. Still I love my books.

      I am slightly crazy about my favourite authors. I have the hardcover, the softcover, and the book on cd or mp3. I like the options available to me, especially when driving.

  3. How did I miss this post? Must have been more out of touch than I’d thought. Either way, I’m with you. For me, though, I use my nook mostly for borrowing books from the e-library. Then, if I love a book, I go buy the paper copy anyway. I still collect them, but it’s less costly because I’m only buying the ones I already know I’ll love. Totally cheating. ;)

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