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A sort-of bucket list…

Apparently I have one, a bucket list.  There are things I should do before I die according to the Big Guy.    I have more  “I should do that” or “That would be fun, let’s do that one day” thoughts which are not on paper and may or may not happen.   So…nope, no sheet of paper with the title “Things I really want to do” with a sub-title  of  “Must do or I will die unhappy” list taped to the fridge.  No, I have just two little dreams: 1 – is to write and 2 – is to play the piano again.  Both by the way, I am doing, well, the writing I am doing, s-l-o-w-l-y and the tinkling of the ivories, not at all.

I want to play, really I do.  But, I am not disciplined.  I procrastinate.  I have many others things to do.  I have priorities which I am or  not fulfilling.  Therefore a bucket list would languish and fade with time, never to be fulfilled.

Oh, I would like to go back to Italy one day, visit Scotland, Ireland, back to England, maybe some parts of France and Spain, yes to Australia.  Maybe a safari in Africa.  Friends who have been say it is awe-inspiring.

I am not  a ride in a balloon or shoot the rapids or bungee jump off a cliff or a bridge or any tall free-standing edifice, (are you freaking kidding me, people do that for FUN!) or climb to the mountain tops, kind of person.  I like my feet on the ground.  I like safe.  I like dry as opposed to wet.  So…nope to the bucket list of things I must do before I croak.  Besides, I want to stick close to home if Mom declines or departs.  I need and want to be with her.

Now the Big Guy is talking about what we should do together, a sort of list of things to do in the future, like go to Scotland for a single malt tour.  Last year our best neighbours went to San Francisco and rode bicycles over the Golden Gate Bridge, into Sausalito and back across the water on a ferry.  He, the Big Guy loves, loves to ride his bicycle.  Me, not so much liking the bicycle.  I like walking.  So, for my birthday week last month, we travelled by train to Eugene to have some fun with Julie and Dan, then onto San Francisco to ride bikes over the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was my best birthday week ever according to the man.

If I can, you can.   See!

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So, if I did have a list and ride bikes across the Golden Gate was on it, I could cross it off.  I wonder what else is on his list which includes me riding another bicycle.  Maybe an European bicycle tour.   I’m not fond of that idea.  Although, I am thinking about the pilgrim’s walk in Spain and I would have to train for that trip.  Maybe, I should start a list?   Nah.

Stay safe and loved.


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  1. Those pictures are fabulous! (How’s your head doing?)
    Great post, I am inspired. But I’d like to do some things that involve leaving the ground, like sky diving perhaps.
    Now, go play that piano.

    • Hey, they are pretty good photos. The center span is huge and standing beside it with all the traffic going by while taking a photo was a bit hairy. Glad you were inspired. Sky diving – no way. I have a slight heart attack on carnival rides. I’ll have to tell you a story about a ride at Expo 86 with Geoff, who was 5 or 6 at the time. Very funny story. So you go for the sky diving and I’ll cheer you on from the ground!

      My head – not so stuffed and if I get a good night’s sleep tonight, should be good by tomorrow. Head colds are painful.

    • I’ll go skydiving with you, Julie. After my kids have turned 18 (don’t want to leave young orphans if I go splat).

  2. lilacacres said:

    Hmm. I am tired, it is late (for me that is) and now you have posted this interesting, thought provoking blog post. Hmm.

    I am glad you have seen my recent posts as well. And that you could see the craters on the moon photo I had taken.

    My nighthawk flew off as he was healed and healthy :) Wonderful to see. I miss him.

    A bucket list. I am not sure about that, needs more thought.

    so, xoxo and goodnight to you, tty soon!


    • Loved the photos you posted the other day. So your nighthawk as flown away…maybe he will come back for a little flyby to let you know he is doing fine. Maybe I’ll call you the Bird Lady of the High Sierras. Ha.

      A bucket list – what are your dreams, maybe a few of those should be on the list. I just want to live a good life, making people happy, being happy and if I get to go back to Italy again that would be great. Stay safe and warm and loved, Pam.

      I am expecting a good report on the contest. :)

  3. Oh, that looks like it was a lovely trip. Beautiful pictures.

    I have a small, but expensive, bucket list. Go to Rome. Go to New Zealand. That’s pretty much it. I did have Write a Novel Whether It’s Publishable or Not on the list, but I’ve done that now. I think maybe Publish the Damn Thing will have to go on the list, but we’ll see. I’d add Live to Know Grandchildren, but who has control over that? It would be nice, though.

    • I agree, live to know grandchildren should be on the list. I’ll put it on mine, too. Yeah, put have it published on the list too. I like the small but expensive list you have. Rome is lovely, good food, good coffee, lots of people to “people watch” and the sights to see. Oh. la.

      Yes, it was a lovely trip, the best ever, exercise, really good food, shopping, and lots of laughter. We are not this size for nothing. There is a wonderful Italian cafe with the BEST coffee. Delicious.

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