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An update on Mother ~

Up: she knows me  and we have had some lovely conversations.

Down: not drinking or eating and I’m not her daughter, again.

I really think she is just being obstinate as only she can be.  Tonight, she gave me the ‘once over’ look, well…the once over the face ‘look’ with the “I’m not going to cooperate” expression and then she said it; “You are not my daughter!”  Right.  There was a little lift of the lips.  Ha, not fooling me, Mom.  I had to laugh which shocked the care aid.  What?  I’m not suppose to recognize when my mother is being obtuse.  Mama understood she is about to become a great-grandmother very soon.  The mind was all there.  So it was good, even if I wasn’t her daughter and I kissed her hand three times which brought a smile to eyes and lips.  Tonight was the ‘good’ in the long-term care saga.

Hope your weekend was wonderful.  Mine was grand.  More about my four days at the SiWC later.  Also known as the Surrey international Writers Conference.  Also a roller coaster ride of confidence in my writing.  Yes, Lani, I am a great writer.    There.  Stay safe.


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  1. I always enjoy reading about your Up days. Can’t wait to hear about SiWC. :)

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