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Where have I been for over a month? Right here.  Busy with life.  Last week I finished another eight weeks of Creative Writing at UBC.  Again, with my favourite instructor Stephanie and a group of wonderful women writers.  Alas, no men writers joined us.  We missed them.  They add to our little group as well as entertain us.  Two new writers added to the group of seven.  We had fun writing, reading each others’ submissions, critiquing, brain storming and, of course, eating tasty treats at coffee break.  I will post my postcard story in a few days.  As Stephanie said, “this is chapter one of a novel.”  Hmm….that will be the start of  third novel.  Unfortunately novel #1 and novel #2 are not finished.  I did submit the first chapter of novel #2, a re-write of the first chapter and an opening scene for chapter two.  Very well received and excellent comments.

If only I were independently wealthy, I could write all day and hire someone else to do my job.  Ah, dream on dreamer.  Stay safe and warm.


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  1. Working on your writing is totally worth allowing some time between blog posts… writing/writing = same/same. :)

  2. So nice to see you back! Taking a class is a completely worthwhile reason to miss the blogging. It sounds like so much fun! I’ll be cheering you on to complete whichever novel you’re about to complete.

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