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It’s quick…

So was it food poisoning or the dreaded Norwalk?  Same symptoms according to the Nurse Hotline. I am assuming the very rapid walk through the halls to visit Mama on Friday afternoon was all it took.  Mama is fine.  No symptoms.  I promised I would visit her in two days.  Sadly I have disappointed her and cannot visit until New Years Day.   Feeling like I have abandoned her on Christmas, much like the rest of her children who do not visit.  Life does suck at times.

On the other hand, half the family spend the day together, the other half worried about their little one and did not come. Norwalk is very contagious up to seventy-two hours.  We will have two Christmas celebrations. So…it was a very quiet, full of laughter celebration with eldest son, wife and Marlowe, the wonder dog.  He loves visiting our house, bounds out of the car and waits for the door to open.  He knows he gets treats and kisses.  I think we should have a dog again.  Perhaps this coming year.  Hope your Christmas day was full of family cheer and love.  Looking forward to a wonderful 2012.  Stay warm, safe and very much-loved.


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  1. Fingers crossed that everyone stays well, or recovers quickly. A second celebration sounds like just the thing!
    (I think we will NOT be getting a new dog soon.)

    • Yes, looking forward to the whole family together without sickness.

      We have been talking about it for years and may talk about it for more years. Miss Blackie on sick days, he was a good snuggler on the bed.

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