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Last Day….

It’s the last day and what have I learned?  I thought it was the same song, same verse, stuck in neutral with plans to move forward, exactly how I felt last year on this day.  But…I changed my mind.  Everywhere there is the year in review playing the good and the bad.  I’ve decided not to review the bad, only the good.  The good to surpass everything: a new dog, Marlowe, who lives with #1 Son & DIL   and the birth of a darling baby girl for parents #2 Son and DIL.  Our sweet grand-daughter, Gray is a beauty with a full head of hair, a serious countenance and smile to melt the coldest of hearts.

Mom had several downward spirals.  My family, as always, the best.  Old friends, new friends;  loved and  appreciated.  Trips to Tahiti, Portland and New York City.  Three writing conferences.   My friend, Pam and I roomed together in NYC.    Met favourite authors: Robyn Carr and Jenny Crusie.  Loved Jennifer’s collage workshop and Michael Hauge is always excellent.  Three UBC creative writing classes.   Ten pounds up and ten pounds down.  A 40th high school reunion which turned out to be great fun and the only reunion I’ve ever attended.   An in-law health crisis.  Traveled by train to Portland, Eugene and San Francisco.  Met Julie.  Rode the Golden Gate Bridge on my best birthday ever according to the Big Guy.   AND… one  beautiful baby granddaughter.   A very good year.

My year in review.

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Hoping this coming year brings many blessings and much love to your life.

Stay safe.  Stay well.  Stay warm.


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Dearest Carol,

    I agree. Review the good, forget the rest! We did have a grand time in NYC. Learned SO much, got to visit with wonderful people :)

    I will turn on the tv at 8:50 and find the east coast feed of the ball dropping in Times Square. NOW I know what it is like in New York :) Loved loved loved it! Hugs to you!!!



    • We did have a grand time in NY. And visiting with Marie Bostwick too. She is wonderful. So much fun wasn’t.

      Can’t imagine being stuck in a crowd of thousands as the ball drops. I’ll raise a glass from the comfort of my home and the drive home is a breeze.

  2. I agree, reviewing the good is perfect! Wonderful pictures, so many blessings. Holy crap that baby is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see you both in Feb.

    • Don’t want to review the bad, nope. Reviewing the good is perfect.

      Between Lora’s Sweetpea and our little muffin, I’m getting a big dose of beautiful babies fix. Yes, February, I’ll walk with you around the park.

  3. That’s a pretty full year, lots of great writing courses and such! Happy new year, and ditto to the baby beauteousness. :-)

    • Always a fun time, playing in the writing sandbox. The last class was my favourite time with writer friends. Happy New Year to you too. It is pretty great having a wee one around again.

  4. What a wonderful year! What a gorgeous baby! Wishing you all the best in 2012. :)

    • Hey, missed you. It was a good year with the best surprise ever. Wishing you all the best for 2012 and for many blessings and wonderful things to come your way.

  5. What gorgeous memories and gorgeous photos to go with them (especially that little girl!). Thanks so much for sharing. May 2012 bring more of the good and less of the bad.

    • Thanks right back to you for sharing and posting and to a fabulous year of the good too. Isn’t she something! We are just amazed all over again at the miracle of a new life. You know how much you love your kiddies, times that by two. It’s the best.

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