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And…I’m back

January, usually a long month after the holidays,  flew by.  Mama had pneumonia.  We were on worry and watch.  Well, I was.  Big brother finally came for a visit after ten months or so.  Little brother came for the weekend and sat with Mom for two days.  Little sister was a no show or phone calls.  Older sister doesn’t drive and her husband has dementia, middle stages.   So…back to me carrying the load with mom.  We did have a little respite before the pneumonia…

We flew to Oahu for a week.   A spur of the moment.  Or as someone said, “sperm of the moment.”   Stayed with family.  The weather was not great.  Rain. Wind. Storms. And..egg shells.  But…it’s Hawaii.  Drive to the other side of the island and there was sun shining and waves lapping on the shore.

I wish I could be a fairy godmother with unlimited resources and fill up a plane with friends and family for a holiday in the sun.   Would that not be a great job, fulfilling people’s wishes, hopes and dreams.  What would your wish be?

So…I’m back in the land of year-ends and writing classes and taking care of mom.  Dear Mama survived.  She woke up on Monday in a good mood.  I had another misadventure in the joys of cutting her hair.  The new wheelchair is tilted in a more “laid” back position.  It is hard to cut hair when she can’t raise her head.  As the Big Guy said, “It’s a good thing Grandma is blind.”   True.  Very true.  Poor Mom, she ended up with a duck tail at the back.  Thursday, I was able to finish the haircut.   Mama may be blind but she was looking lovely when I left on Thursday.  Freshly bathed, hair cut and curled.

They, “the powers that be” were to have changed her mattress for a new one with air pockets to aid in the prevention of bed sores.  A new pillow, too.  I met with the senior powers in authority to get it changed.  We shall see… If you hear marching foot steps, it’s me on my way to more senior higher powers that be.

Spring is coming.  I love sunsets.  February 2nd was a beauty.

Stay warm, safe and loved.


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Dearest Carol, life just continues, and on we march. I was alarmed to see your mom was ill, but relieved that she got through it. Another hair cut eh? Brave woman you are. Your dh has a point, about her not seeing the end result I suppose :) You are such a good daughter, I don’t understand how siblings can be so very different.
    Beautiful sunrises here, each day a new gift to us to use as we see fit, right ?
    Hugs to you, tty soon, love to you too Pam

    • Pam, I saw your sunrise photo, gorgeous. We saw some very beautiful sunrises last week, unfortunately, no camera with me. Yes, another haircut!! Poor Mom, she looked like herself, sort of, when I left on Thursday. It is hard for some to see Mom’s health fail. Aging sucks. We have to have good health.

  2. Oh my Oahu….. ah the memories and the grand aromas, now only in my mind, but still, I HAVE been there, and for that I am forever grateful. So glad you got to visit with friends in such a glorious place, rain or not, it IS Paradise (to me ;) ).

    Thanks for the update, and nice run-down of who is helping. We know you are there to be counted one. And yes, we ALL wish you had such Fairy God Mother powers. Life would just be much more lovely that way. For all of us.

    • Julie ~ If I had Fairy Godmother Powers, you, Dan and the family would be there on a holiday right now. The Big Guy always said, “If I win the lottery, I will fill the plane with our family and friends and take everyone to Hawaii.” He still buys lottery tickets.;) It is Paradise for me too. We wondered why it took us so long to go back. Maybe he will win soon.

      It was a very emotional month and half. Mom was finally okay last weekend. A lot of tears especially with my younger brother as he does not live close, works hard, and money. He was so good. Mom connected with him too. So happy about that.

  3. Hallos! I figured, by your absence, that there might be something going on with La Mommy. Glad she’s well now.

    • It has been a rough go. Mom is now on a small dose of morphine, twice a day. We will have another Dr/Daughter consult in two weeks. Thankfully, Mom has a great doctor. Hate seeing her suffer. Hate it.

  4. I’m happy to see you back, and to see you’ve weathered the storm. Still, the little sister comment makes me sad. It’s wonderful you had the opportunity to go to Oahu. I’ve never been further than the west coast, and even then only once. One day…

    My wish would be for all my friends to have what they need. :)

    • Good wish, Delia. I wish all my friends would have what they need too. It was a quick trip. One day when your book hits the best sellers list. We need to see more of the east coast and the Maritimes.

  5. Hi Carol..I still check your blog….everyday for a new read! Sending lots of love from the valley :)

    • Hey Lizzie, not writing much on the blog, as we all can SEE. Thought of many things to say, haven’t put it to paper or blog. Miss you, love you, and hope all is well with you and yours.

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