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In a blink…

Time zipped by since my last posting.  End of March, how did that happen?  I’ve been so busy playing in the writing sandbox, s-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y writing, not blogging but that’s another post.

My beautiful “not-of-my-body” spiritual daughter started a new blog, UNDER THE TEA COZY.  A delightful young woman, wife,  mother of three, talented musician and she cooks!  Friday night, was one of our double date nights in White Rock at a new restaurant.  Well, new to us; Five Doors Down on the boardwalk.  Jamie, Sean and the kiddies are our “of the heart” family.  The family who came into our lives and made a difference.  Jamie has written the back story of our relationship on her blog and how we met and what she wore on her head.  I thought she  just wore a funky hat and a quirky wardrobe.   Go have a peek.

Jamie is a treasure.  I’ve watched her become a confident woman, passionate about life and God.  She can preach up a storm, she’s  vulnerable and strong and touches your heart with laughter.   We spent many Sunday mornings together before Connect Church moved to Abbotsford.  It’s a long drive to the valley and I sensed is was time for me to stay on this side of the tunnel or river.  I miss Jamie and Sean.  I miss watching them mature with wisdom and grace.  I miss watching their little ones grow up.  Our date nights give us a chance to re-connect and laugh for a few hours.  So much fun.

Jamie’s posts are full of recipes. She is inspired by “Oh She Glows” another site with healthy food ideas.  Since I have been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes, basically meaning; “Yeah you have it and do something about it with diet” I’ve been searching for good recipes, healthy eating and exercise.  Jamie posts a recipe, how to play and photos along the way.  My mother would be happy.  I’m finally letting the cooking gene rise to the top.  I have to.  I want to live.  We want to have many more date nights with Jamie and Sean.  Next time, my other “not of my body” spiritual daughter; Lizzie and Dan should come too.  Or…we can have a big dinner at our house, I could cook.  Maybe.

Here is a morning sunrise for you.  My California high Sierras friend Pam took this early in January.

Stay safe, stay warm and very much-loved.

Next post….it’s all about writing.


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  1. lilacacres said:

    Welcome back to the blogisphere my friend!

    Glad you liked the photo. That is something that is always changing, the big skies here.

    I like that, you must collect writing friends who write from “under” something. Me with Under the Lilac Trees, your other friend, Under the Tea Cozy heehee :) I will go look and read there too.

    Healthy is better, living is best :)



    • Glad you took the photo, I love the colours especially the deep purple. I’m watching sweet baby today, listening to her squeal in delight at her bubble bee toy.

      I know I have been very lazy lately about blogging. Going to try stepping it up a notch! Take care.

  2. I love all of you!!! I love Jamie’s post about you and what you mean to her and I love your post about what Jamie means to you…awwwwww :)
    SO thankful for each other…what a blessing to never forget!

    • Love you too Lizzie. Many years of watching both of you become beautiful women. I’m watching sweet baby girl today. She is turning over on her own (a few weeks now) and talking, very bright little one, just like Sophie. We need to have a big dinner date night. Perhaps I really will cook. Kiss your little ones on the top of their heads for me.

      • We like big dinner dates….and we like your deck furniture ;) Warmer evenings coming soon. And we also like to bring food so not all the cooking is on you :) I want to see new pictures of your sweet baby girl! Dan left for Calgary until wed for work so I’m single mama on spring break…Lord help me ;) Just got Soph’s acceptance letter for preschool…she’ll be in Memphis’s class…can you believe it??!!! Didn’t we just have them? Wasn’t she just wearing those little shoes you gave her? What will I do with 4 hours a week ALL ALONE??? If you lived closer, we could have coffee dates :)

        • Okay, it’s a deal, warmer weather and you can bring food.

          Sophie’s going to pre-school. Oh, my, time goes fast, doesn’t it.! I will have to come out for a coffee date with you and Jamie. Maybe we can get Tiff and Willow and Adrienne to come too.

  3. That would be great if you came out for a coffee date with us all. I don’t mind going out that way too, especially for fish and chips, isn’t that so random? I rather go without the kinder, so maybe on a weekend…and when I have lost a bit more weight…haha. It would be fun for Lizzie and I to get out and see you out there. I love your patio furniture too, it will be so nice being all together for a party at your house.

  4. Hallos again! Well I’m glad you’re been Seriously Writing. I’ve been Seriously Not.

    • Halloo back to you. I am hoping to enter a short story in a writing contest. And really would like to get at least an honorable mention if not a placing stop.

  5. Now see what I miss when I have my head buried? You’re writing! Yay!

    That was a lovely post about you, and this is a lovely one in return. Everyone should be so lucky as to have friends like you both have.

    • Oh, you were able to send a comment. I’ve missed see your smiling face here and on Julie’s blog.

      So your head was buried…as in writing! And, taking care of your sick one. Hope all is well.

      Yes, my not-of-my-body daughter and husband are loved and we have so-o-o-o much fun when we have dinner dates. Next time our house, on the deck. We have our own mutual admiration society.

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